A15-798 Waikapu County Town Amended Petition Exhibits

Amended Petition Exhibits

Exhibit 1  Final EIS

Exhibit 2  Maui Island Plan Directed Growth Map

Exhibit 3  Petitioner’s Authorization

Exhibit 4  Bureau of Conveyance Property Documents

Exhibit 5  Bureau of Conveyance Property Documents

Exhibit 6  Bureau of Conveyance Property Documents

Exhibit 7  Affidavit of Mailing

Exhibit 8  Notice of Petition Filing

Exhibit 9  Regional Location Map

Exhibit 10  Tax Map Key map for Agricultural to Rural

Exhibit 11  Tax Map Key map for Agricultural to Urban

Exhibit 12  Metes and Bounds Survey Maps and Descriptions Agricultural to Rural

*Revised Exhibit 12 (11/2/17)

Exhibit 13  Metes and Bounds Survey Maps and Descriptions Agricultural to Urban

*Revised Exhibit 13 (11/2/17)

Exhibit 14  Conceptual Phasing Plan

Exhibit 15  Soils Map

Exhibit 16   Land Study Bureau Map

Exhibit 17  Agricultural Lands of Importance to the State of Hawai`i (ALISH) Map

Exhibit 18  Illustrative Land Plan

Exhibit 19  Affidavit of Mailing

Exhibit 20  Notice of Filing of Petition

Exhibit 21  Phasing Plan

Exhibit 22 Educational Contribution Agreement with State Department of Education January 2017

Exhibit 23 Waikapu County Town Sustainability Plan March 2017

Exhibit 24 Waikapu Properties, LLC Financial Statements & Management Report December 2016

Exhibit 25 Final Environmental Impact Statement with Appendices A through S

Exhibit 26 Bill Mitchell CV – Direct Testimony

Exhibit 27 Stacy A. Otomo CV – Direct Testimony

Exhibit 28 Natai Basu CV – Direct Testimony

Exhibit 29 Steven M. Parabicoli CV – Direct Testimony

Exhibit 30 Steven M. Parabicoli Testimony Graphics

Exhibit 31 Lisa Rotunno Hazuka CV – Direct Testimony

Exhibit 32 Final Archaeological Inventory Survey Report For Several Parcels of Land Situated Within Waikapu Ahupua`a

Exhibit 33 State Historic Preservation Division Acceptance Letter dated September 22, 2017

Exhibit 34 John R. Garretson CV – Direct Testimony

Exhibit 35 Barry D. Neal CV – Direct Testimony

Direct Testimonies of Persons not included on Exhibit List

Albert Boyce

Daniel Lum

Hokua Pellegrino

Michael Atherton

Michael Summers

Robert Hobdy

Thomas Holliday

Supplemental Exhibit List- Exhibits 36-49 submitted at LUC hearing on 12/6/17 on Maui


Direct Testimony of Michael Atherton


Direct Testimony of Bill Mitchell


Direct Testimony of Netai Basu


Direct Testimony of Michael J. Summers


Direct Testimony of Lisa Rotunno-Hazuka


Direct Testimony of Hokuao Pellegrino


Direct Testimony of Thomas M. Holliday


Direct Testimony of Stacy A Otomo


Direct Testimony of Robert Hobdy


Direct Testimony of Daniel Lum


Direct Testimony of Barry D. Neal


Direct Testimony of Steven M. Parabicoli


Direct Testimony of John R. Garretson


Direct Testimony of Albert G. Boyce V


Map referenced during Hokuao Pelligrino Testimony