A16-801 UHCC Kaua`i

Draft Petition for Land Use District Boundary Amendment *unsigned*

Petition for Land Use District Boundary Amendment (executed) dated November 4, 2016



Exhibit 1  Location Map

Exhibit 2  KCC Master Plan, LRDP Update Preferred Site Plan

Exhibit 3  Final Environmental Assessment (FEA)

Appendix A  Biological Survey 2010

Appendix B  Archaeological Literature Review and Field Inspection 2010

Appendix C  Cultural Impact Assessment 2012

Appendix D  Traffic Impact Report 2010

Appendix E  Pre Assessment Consultation Letters

Appendix F  Draft Environmental Assessment Consultation Letters

Exhibit 4  Tax Map Key

Exhibit 5  Survey of Petition Area and Metes & Bounds Description

Exhibit 6  Land Ownership Evidence

Exhibit 7  Surrounding Uses Map

Exhibit 8  Existing State Land Use District Map

Exhibit 9  County of Kaua`i Zoning Map

Exhibit 10  Kaua`i General Plan:  Līhu`e Planning District Land Use Map

Exhibit 11  Photo Key Map and Project Site Photos

Exhibit 12  Soils Map

Exhibit 13  Land Study Bureau (LSB) Map

Exhibit 14  Agricultural Lands of Importance to the State of Hawai`i (ALISH) Map

Exhibit 15  LRDP Design Guidelines

Exhibit 16  Archaeological Inventory Survey (AIS)

Title and Summary

Table of Contents

List of Figures & Tables

Section 1  Introduction

Section 2  Methods

Section 3  Background Research

Section 4  Results of Fieldwork

Section 5  Results of Lab Analysis

Section 6  Historic Property Description

Section 7  Consultation

Section 8  Summary & Interpretation

Section 9  Significance Assessments

Section 10  Project Effect & Mitigation Recommendations

Section 11  References Cited

Appendix A  SHPD Correspondence

Appendix B  LCA Documentation

Appendix C  Newspaper Articles

Affidavit of Service of Petition

Affidavit of Notification

Certificate of Service