Completed DBA Kauaʻi County

Dockets are organized by decade and then by year within each decade.  The two-digit number following the “A” in the docket number corresponds to the year the docket was filed.

We are still in transition converting our old docket files to a digital format. If you don’t find a docket file you are looking for by following the links below, please contact our staff at 808-587-3822.


A80-474  Department of Planning & Economic Development, State of Hawaiʻi (PDF) 04/20/1981

A80-475  Kauaʻi Bible Church (PDF) 10/29/1980

A80-488  Samuel Hepa, Janet Hepa, Especio Dotario and Angeline H. Dotario (PDF) 03/24/1981

A80-497  Hulu Manu Associates (PDF) 07/27/1981

A81-503  Samuel Kuihelani & Mary Kaliko Thronas

A81-513  John Arzadon (PDF) 06/04/1982

A81-515  County of Kauaʻi (PDF) 06/18/1982

A81-516  George Lewis Sagen (PDF) 03/16/1983

A81-519  Waialeale Partners (PDF) 07/12/1982

A82-530  AMFAC Property Development Corporation (PDF) 08/22/1983

A82-539  Grove Farm Properties Inc. (PDF) 05/09/1983

A83-546  Graham Beach Partners (PDF) 04/12/1985

A83-552  John Y.T. Dang & James Y.T. Dang (PDF) 12/19/1983

A83-553  Princeville Development Corporation

A83-557  Princeville Development Corporation

A84-567  Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities Co. (PDF) 03/12/1985

A84-572  Foster Petroleum Corporation (PDF) 12/02/1985

A84-578  Niumalu-Nawiliwili Community Planning (PDF) 05/26/1985

A84-580  George L. Sagen and Jane A. Sagen (PDF) 10/11/1985

A84-588  Beta Pacific Inc.

A85-589  A& B Properties, Inc. (PDF) 12/13/1985

A85-590  HRT, Ltd.

A86-604  Okada Trucking Co., Ltd.

A86-608  Grove Farm Land Corporation (PDF) 02/12/1987

A87-612  Grove Farm Properties, Inc. (PDF) 12/28/1987

A87-614  Hemmeter-VMS Kauaʻi Company III

A88-631  Hemmeter-VMS Kauaʻi Company V

A89-636  Grove Farm Properties, Inc. (Increments I and II)

A89-644  Douglass Bonar & Boyce R. Brown III Trust

A70-243  Land Use Commission

A70-246  Manuel and Bertha G. Sanchez

A70-249  Land Use Commission

A70-253  Department of Accounting & General Services, State of Hawaiʻi

A70-261  Eagle County Development Corporation (PDF) 12/21/1970

A70-270  Fusao Tanabe,

A71-282  Kauaʻi Planning Commission

A71-284  John J. and Mary F. Camara

A71-289  Land Use Commission 

A71-301  Samuel Y. and Akino Aoki

A71-303  Kaua`i Planning Commission

A72-333  Hans W. Hansen

A72-335  Lihu`e Plantation Co., Ltd.

A72-354  Dorsey W. Edwards

A73-358  University of Hawaiʻi

A73-367  Joseph Flores (PDF) 04/26/1977

A74-375  County of Kauaʻi

A75-392  AMFAC Communities Inc.

A75-397  Līhuʻe Plantation Co., Ltd. and HRT, Ltd. (PDF) 04/09/1976

A75-402 Līhuʻe Plantation Company, Limited (PDF) 06/02/1976

A75-408  Wailua Heights Inc. (PDF) 06/02/1976

A75-410  Janet Lee Greenblath & Marcia Sue Vespoli (PDF) 06/02/1976

A76-411  McBryde Sugar Company Limited (PDF) 11/08/1976

A76-417  Can Corporation (PDF) 02/16/1977

A76-418  Moana Corporation Kiahuna Mauka Partners, LLC

A76-422  Clinton Shiraishi, (PDF) 06/13/1977

A76-425  Rex Financial Corporation (PDF) 11/14/1977

A77-428  Michael Dyer and Charlene Dyer (PDF) 12/02/1977

A77-431  Blackwell Construction Inc. (PDF) 04/04/1978

A77-432  County of Kauaʻi (PDF) 04/04/1978

A78-436  Floro and Trinidad P. Villabrille (PDF) 11/21/1978

A78-438  Grove Farm Company Incorporated (PDF) 01/12/1979

A78-446  Princeville at Hanalei (PDF) 05/09/1979

A79-452  Irving A. and Mary C. Jenkins

A79-453  Land Use Commission

A79-456  Līhuʻe Plantation Company, Limited (PDF) 05/27/1980

A79-459  Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities Co.

A79-464  County of Kaua`i (PDF) 05/27/1980

A79-465  Malcolm S. Smith (PDF) 10/30/1980

A79-466  William Mowry and Robert Keown (PDF) 10/30/1980

A79-467  Grove Farm Company Incorporated (PDF) 10/09/1980

A62-002  William Y. Hayashi (PDF) 11/06/1962

A63-035  Sensuke Ueunten (PDF) 01/22/1964

A63-041  Department of Land & Natural Resources, State of Hawaiʻi (PDF) 01/27/1964

A64-074  Kauaʻi Planning & Traffic Commission (PDF) 12/22/1964

A64-076  Harry M. Flagg & Paul R. Miller (PDF) 07/01/1965

A64-077  Grove Farm Company, Ltd. (PDF) 07/01/1965

A64-079  Līhuʻe Plantation Co., Ltd. (PDF) 08/11/1965

A65-085  Doris Achor & Arthur Achor (PDF) 10/04/1965

A65-086  Stanley Taba & Sachiko K. Taba (PDF) 10/04/1965

A65-093  Grove Farm Company (PDF) 03/02/1966

A65-094  Grove Farm Company, Inc. (PDF) 03/02/1966

A66-114  John M., Marie V. & Juliet Medeiros (PDF) 08/30/1966

A66-118  John Costas Ayres (PDF) 08/30/1966

A66-121  William Fernandes & Margaret Arcia (PDF) 08/30/1966

A66-124  Līhuʻe Plantation Company, Ltd. (PDF) 12/23/1966

A66-139  Land Use Commission (Wailua, Kauai)

A67-155  Takato Sokei (PDF) 12/18/1967

A67-156  Matsuko Taguma (PDF) 12/18/1967

A68-177  Hawaiian Homes Commission (PDF) 08/19/1968

A68-181  Mariana O. Ornellas (PDF) 08/20/1968

A68-184  Department of Land & Natural Resources, State of Hawaiʻi (PDF) 08/20/1968

A68-191  Irviing Jenkins and Joseph Texeira (PDF) 10/23/1968

A68-196  Herbert & Dorothy Miyahara (PDF) 12/23/1968

A68-199  Joseph S. Brun (PDF) 04/29/1969

A68-203  Floro & Trinidad Villabrille & William Mahikoa

A68-206  Chiaki Akazawa,

A68-207  Charles A. Hancock,

A69-213  Alfred and Elsie Victorino

A69-217  Harriet R. Moody by Robert M. Enomoto

A69-226  William J. and Frances Akana

A69-227  William R. Keao

A69-232  AMFAC Properties

A69-233  William & Grace Mahikoa & Aguiar & Associates

A69-235  Joseph S. Brun

A69-238  Toru Kawakami

A69-239  John Medeiros, Jr.,

A69-241  Land Use Commission (PDF) 05/13/1970