2020 Motion To Amend

<strong>LUC Notices & Orders</strong><strong>Petitioner Ho`ohana Solar Filings</strong><strong>Petitioner Haseko Filings</strong><strong>State Office of Planning Filings</strong><strong>City & </strong><strong>County of Honolulu Filings</strong><strong>LUC Correspondence</strong><strong>Public Testimony</strong>

(08/17/2020) Successor Petitioner (as to Parcel 52) Ho`ohana Solar I, LLC’s Motion for Modification and Time Extension, Memorandum in Support of Motion; Verification, Affidavit of Jennifer A. Lim, Exhibits 1-15, COS

Ho`ohana Solar 1, LLC’s Motion for Modification and Time Extension
Affidavit of Derek B. Simon
Petitioner’s Exhibit 1 Petition Area Map
Petitioner’s Exhibit 2 Fee Owner’s Letter of Authorization
Petitioner’s Exhibit 3 Project Area Use Map
Petitioner’s Exhibit 4 Central Oahu Sustainable Communities Plan-Urban Land Use Map
Petitioner’s Exhibit 5 Overall Site Plan
Petitioner’s Exhibit 6 Clifford Smith Email Summary USFWL consult
Petitioner’s Exhibit 7(A) Archaeological Inventory Survey Part A
Petitioner’s Exhibit 7(B) Archaeological Inventory Survey Part B
Petitioner’s Exhibit 8 & 9 (8- SHPD letter; 9- SHPD map)
Petitioner’s Exhibit 10(A)  Traffic Part A
Petitioner’s Exhibit 10(B)  Traffic Part B
Petitioner’s Exhibit 11 Solar Farm Views
Petitioner’s Exhibit 12(A) Cultural Impact Survey Part A
Petitioner’s Exhibit 12(B) Cultural Impact Survey Part B
Petitioner’s Exhibit 12(C) Cultural Impact Survey Part C
Petitioner’s Exhibit 13 & 14 (13- Natural Resource Survey 14- GOV MSG 1197- Act 097 (15)
Certificate of Service

(09/25/2020) Successor Petitioner (as to Parcel 52) Ho`ohana Solar I, LLC’s Filings

Ho`ohana Solar 1, LLC’s Reply to DPP’s Letter
Ho`ohana Solar 1, LLC’s Reply to Haseko Royal Kunia’s Motion
Ho`ohana Solar’ 1 LLC’s Reply to OP’s Response
Ho`ohana Solar 1, LLC’s First List of Witnesses
Ho`ohana Solar 1, LLC’s First List of Exhibits
Petitioner’s Exhibits 15-18
Petitioner’s Exhibits 19a – 19f
Petitioner’s Exhibit 20
Petitioner’s Exhibits 21a – 23
Petitioner’s Exhibits 24-33
Petitioner’s Exhibits 34-36
Petitioner’s Exhibits 37-44
Petitioner’s Exhibits 45-51
Petitioner’s Exhibits 52-53; Certificate of Service

OCT 1, 2020:

    1. Kimo Spector/ Rebecca Dayhuff-Matsushima for Hawaiian Electric (click here to view-locked pdf)
    2. Tyler Dos Santos-Tam/Melvin Silva- Business Mgr- International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local#1 of Hawaii
    3. Jill Baptist- Hawaii Carpenters Union
    4. Nathaniel Kinney- Executive Director, Hawaii Construction Alliance
    5. Ryan Kobayahi- Government Affairs- Hawaii Laborers’ Union Local 368
    6. Joy Kimura – Government Affairs and Compliance- Hawaii Laborers & Employee Cooperation and Education Trust Fund
    7. Dean Okimoto

OCT 2, 2020:

    1. Richard Ha
    2. Scot Fuji/ State Senator Michelle Kidani

OCT 5, 2020:

    1. Denise Yamaguchi- Executive Director, Hawaii Agricultural Foundation
    2. Chris Delaunay- Pacific Resource Partnership (PRP)

OCT 6, 2020:

    1. Dan Kouchi- Chamber of Commerce Hawaii
    2. Samantha Ruiz – Ulupono Initiative- Murray Clay
    3. State Representative Ty Cullen – District 39

OCT 6, 2020:

    1. State Representative Nicole Lowen – District 6
    2. Keith Hayashi- Waipahu High School Principal
    3. State Senator Glenn Wakai

OCT 7, 2020:

    1. Albi Mateo/Wayne Nakamoto – Royal Kunia Community Association

OCT 8, 2020:

    1. Maui Economic Development Board- Leslie Wilkins President & CEO