A11-791 HG Kauai Joint Venture, LLC – 2014 Motion to Substitute Petitioner, Designate the LUC as Approving Agency for EIS

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A11-791 Motion to Substitute Petitioner, Designate the Land Use Commission as Approving Agency for Environmental Impact Statement, and Appearance of Counsel for Petitioner; Memorandum In Support of Motion; Affidavit of Theresa M. Roche; Exhibit A, COS (10/29/2014)

Petitioner’s Environmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice (EISPN) filed December 2014 (423 pages in sections)

Petitioner Discussion with DOT (Ray McCormick) on Planned Projects filed April 17, 2015 by e-mail

Petitioner Public Statements of Support on HoKua Place filed April 17, 2015 by e-mail

OEQC publication form (filed 4-27-15)

OEQC publication correspondence (filed 4-27-15)


EIS Volume I (filed 4-27-15)

EIS Volume II (filed 4-27-15)

Section I

Section II

Section III

Section IV

Section V  Comments & Responses to EISPN

draft Final EIS (filed March 19, 2018) * A preliminary review by LUC staff identified several issues with the filing and the Petitioner voluntarily elected to withdraw the document, make corrections, do additional work, and resubmit in the future.

Notice of Withdrawal of Draft Final Environmental Impact Statement (filed March 28, 2018)

2nd Draft EIS (filed October 18, 2018)

Final EIS (filed November 22, 2019)

Wailua-Kapa`a Neighborhood Association

Notice of Intent to Intervene filed April 18, 2011

Sierra Club Kaua`i Group of the Hawai`i Chapter

Notice of Intent to Intervene filed April 18, 2011

Likookalani Martin

Notice of Intent to Intervene filed April 14, 2011

Petition to Intervene filed November 27, 2020

Public Testimony in Ref to:

Land Use Commission, 2015 (Draft EA) filed Feb 5, 2021

Kaua’i Planning Commission, 2017 (General Plan Update) filed Feb 5, 2021

Kaua’i County Council, 2017 (General Plan Update) filed Feb 5, 2021

Land Use Commission, 2019 (Final EIS) filed Feb 5, 2021

Public Comments filed December 19, 2019

Bonnie Bator, Keana`aina Bator, Kaiokamalie Bator, Keliikoa Bator, and Kai Bator

Public Comments filed December 17, 2019

Marj Dente; and Michael Rosa

Public Comments filed December 16, 2019

Troy Melendez-Saraos; Megan Sen; and Steven Armstrong

Written testimony submitted at LUC DEC 17, 2019 meeting

Gabriela Taylor; and Noreen Dougherty

Final EIS Public Comments

EISPN Public Comments

DEIS Public Comments


Post Withdrawal of draft FEIS Comments

Wailua-Kapaʻa Neighborhood Association e-filed July 9, 2018

DEIS #2 Public Comments

OEQC Verification of Petitioner’s FEIS Distribution List filed November 18, 2019