A89-649 Remand – Intervenor – Lanaians for Sensible Growth Exhibits

Exhibit Description

I-1   January 31, 1990 Commission on Water Resource Management Submittal

I-2   Water Resources Development Plan For The Island of Lanai

I-3   August 10, 1988 Sustainable Yield of the Fresh Groundwater Resources In Lanai

I-4    Results of an Extended Pump Test of Wells 1 and 9, Tom Nance WRE

I-5    Manele Golf Course and Golf Residential Project Final EIS

I-6    Overview of the Use of Lana`i Wells 1 and 9 to Irrigate the Mande Golf Course and Other Manele Landscaping

I-7    March 12, 1993 Letter County of Maui to Leppert

I-8    August 23, 1994 Letter Murdoch to McComber

I-9    Lana`i Water Use And Development Plan (Broken in Parts A- S)

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I-10   October 26, 1993 Letter Ahue to Leppert

I-11   Map of Lana’i High Level Groundwater

I-12   February 7, 1995 Letter Wong to Meyer

I-13   April 24, 1995 Letter Meyer to LUC

I-14   A Numerical Groundwater Model for the Island of Lana`i (Broken in Parts A-B)

Part A

Part B

I-15   Lana`i Potable Water System Report 1-16 Periodic Water Reports

I-15a Lana`i Water Company Report

I-16  Testimony of Bill Meyer

I-17   Memorandum of Agreement

I-18   Safe Drinking Water Branch Website as of October 5, 2016

I-19   Periodic Water Reports

I-20   Ordinance 3688

I-21   Agenda and Minutes, October 18, 2006 meeting, Lana`i Planning Commission

I-22 Department of the Corporation Counsel Correspondence to Michael P. Victorino, Chair from Edward S. Kushi, Jr.  First Deputy Corporation Counsel

I-23 Sodium in Drinking Water  publication