A19-809 Pulama Lānaʻi – 2nd Draft Environmental Assessment (11/17/2021)

2nd Draft EA File 1


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

List of Acronyms

Summary of Existing Conditions and Potential Impacts and Mitigation Measures

Chapter I – Project Overview

Chapter II – Description of Existing Environment, Potential Impacts, and Mitigation Measures

Chapter III – Relationship to Government Plans, Policies, and Controls

Chapter IV – Unavoidable Adverse Environmental Effects and Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitments of Resources

Chapter V – Alternatives to Proposed Action

Chapter VI – Significance Criteria Assessment

Chapter VII – List of Permits and Approvals

2nd Draft EA File 2

Chapter VIII (w/Pre-consultation Comments Received Prior to the Publication of the November 23, 2019, Draft EA and Responses Provided) [pages 125-147]

2nd Draft EA File 3

Chapter VIII (November 23, 2019, Draft EA Comments and Responses) [pages 148-167]

Chapter IX – References

Appendix A – Market Assessment

2nd Draft EA File 4

Appendix B – Impacts on Agriculture Report

2nd Draft EA File 5

Appendix C – Flora and Fauna Study

2nd Draft EA File 6

Appendix D-1 – Archaeological Inventory Survey [pages 213-235]

2nd Draft EA File 7

Appendix D-1 (continued) [pages 236-253]

2nd Draft EA File 8

Appendix D-1 (continued) [pages 254-268]

Appendix D-2 – Archaeological Inventory Survey SHPD Acceptance Letter

Appendix D-3 – Support Documentation on Cultural Impact Assessment

2nd Draft EA File 9

Appendix E – Phase I Environmental Site Assessment pages 289-302

2nd Draft EA File 10

Appendix E (continued) [pages 303-336]

2nd Draft EA File 11

Appendix E (continued) [pages 337-361]

2nd Draft EA File 12

Appendix E (continued) [pages 362-390]

2nd Draft EA File 13

Appendix F – Economic, Population and Fiscal Impacts Report

Appendix G – Traffic Impact Analysis Report (TIAR)

Appendix H-1 – Water Master Plan

Appendix H-2 – New Well Supply Alternatives

Appendix I – Wastewater Master Plan

2nd Draft EA File 14

Appendix J – Drainage Report [pages 473-477]

2nd Draft EA File 15

Appendix J (continued) [pages 478]

2nd Draft EA File 16

Appendix J (continued) [pages 479-496]

Appendix K-1 Hawai`i State Plan

Appendix K-2 Countywide Policy Plan