A15-798 Waikapu Properties FEIS draft

Petitioner’s draft FEIS

Chapter 1  Table of Contents; Introduction & Summary

Chapter 2  Planning Context

Chapter 3  Description of the Project (5 parts)

Part 1  Purpose & Objectives; Master Plan Concept (Roadway network to Ag development plan)

Part 2  Master Plan Concept continued (Ag development plan to Wastewater treatment)

Part 3  Master Plan Concept cont. (Wastewater treatment to Infrastructure and Public Facility plan)

Part 4  Master Plan Concept cont. (Facilities plans and phasing)

Part 5  Agency & Community Outreach; Required Entitlements and Approvals

Chapter 4  Affected Natural Environment, Potential Impacts and Mitigation Measures

Chapter 5  Affected Human Environment, Potential Impacts and Mitigation Measures (4 parts)

Part 1 Human Environment (Surrounding Land Uses to Ag Resources) [pages V1 to V39]

Part 2  Ag Resources cont.; Socio-Economic Environment; Public Services; Infrastructure pages [pages V40 to V79]

Part 3  Public Services cont. (Transportation to Drainage) [pages V80 to V98]

Part 4  Public Services cont. (Drainage to Airports) [pages V99 to V121]

Chapter 6  Contextual Issues

Chapter 7  Relationship to Governmental Plans, Policies, and Controls

Chapter 8  Alternatives Analysis

Chapter 9  EISPN Distribution List and Comment Letters

Chapter 10  Draft EIS Distribution List and Comment Letters

Chapter 11  References

Appendix A  Market Study, Economic Impact Analysis & Public Fiscal Assessment

Appendix B  Botanical and Faunal Surveys

Appendix C  Air Quality Study

Appendix D  Noise Assessment Study

Appendix E  Archaeological Inventory Survey (AIS) (2Parts)

Part 1  Executive Summary to Parcel 3 Mauka Discussion [pages 1-119]

Part 2  Parcel 3 Mauka Discussion cont. to Parcel 7 Discussion[pages 120-248]

Appendix F  Cultural Impact Assessment (CIA)

Part A  Ka Pa`akai Cultural Analysis

Appendix G  Agricultural Impact Assessment

Appendix H  Preliminary Engineering and Drainage Report

Appendix I  Water Resource Associates Results of 10-Day Pumping Tests for Wells 1, 2, and 3

Appendix J  Enviniti Prepared “Preliminary Wastewater Report”

Appendix K  Mana Water Prepared “Water Reclamation and Reuse Report for Waikapū”

Appendix L  Traffic Impact Analysis Report (TIAR) (2 parts)

Part 1 (version 2)  Executive Summary to LOS Worksheets Yr 2022 with Partial Development Conditions

Part 2 (version 2)  Yr 2022 w Partial Development to Appendix F Mitigation Measures

Appendix M  Fehr & Peers Prepared “No Wai`ale Bypass Analysis” Memorandum

Appendix N  A History Report of Waikapū

Appendix O  Maui County Code, Chapter 2.96 “Workforce Housing Policy”

Appendix P  September 14, 2009 Community Survey Results

Appendix Q  EISPN Agency Comment and Response Letters

Appendix R  District Boundary Amendment Petition Maps

Appendix S  Draft EIS Agency and Community Comment and Response Letters (2 Parts)

Part 1  Comments and Responses (Maui County Public Works to DOH-Environmental Planning Office)

Part 2  Comments and Responses (DOH-Maui District to Maui Tomorrow)