A83-549 KONA VISTAS LLC – 2024 Status Report

After the review of the 2022 Annual Report, the Commission set a date for the status report to get more up to date information on the status and compliance of Conditions. Particularly, but not limited to Condition A relating to affordable housing.

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LUC Correspondence Request for a Status Report (11/14/2023)

Staff Report (02/01/2024)


Agenda & Minutes:

February 7, 2024:  Agenda | Minutes | YouTube


No filings received at this time.


01/29/2024: (3) David Gardner, David Seven, Doug Perrine

01/30/2024: (2) Margarette Kanealii, Melanie Eccard

01/31/2024: (2) Robert Harris, Joel Gimpel

02/02/2024: (1) Lauray

02/05/2024: (4) Kate Winter, Mark Van Pernis, Jessica Kuzimer, Robert Harris

02/06/2024: (4) Cheryl Tanguay, David and Diane Blancett-Maddock-1, David and Diane Blancett-Maddock-2, Lamakū Lauren Mikahala Roy

02/07/2024: (2) Renee Inaba Document, Lamakū Lauren Mikahala Roy (Images presented on 02/07/2024, and posted by staff on 02/08/2024)

02/08/2024: (1) Janice Kerr

02/09/2024: (1) Lamakū Lauren Mikahala Roy