Completed DBA Hawai`i County

Dockets are organized by decade and then by year within each decade.  The two-digit number following the “A” in the docket number corresponds to the year the docket was filed.

We are still in transition converting our old docket files to a digital format. If you don’t find a docket file you are looking for by following the links below, please contact our staff at 808-587-3822.


A80-472  Davies Hamakua Co.

A80-473  Donald E. Kraemer, Inc. (PDF) 04/24/1981

A80-476  Department of Planning & Economic Development, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 08/04/1980

A80-478  Donald E. Kraemer, Inc. & John Ellbogen (PDF) 12/16/1980

A80-481  Thomas and Tere Fearon (PDF) 10/31/1980

A80-482  T.S.K. Associates

A80-484  Kuakini Investment Inc., (PDF) 07/07/1981

A80-486  Y.O. Limited Partnership

A80-492  F&N Corp.

A80-494  John A. Harvey, III (PDF) 11/18/1981

A80-495  Robert and Linda McIntosh (PDF) 05/08/1981

A80-496  Oceanic Properties, Inc.

A80-498  Hubert F. Richards (PDF) 12/09/1981

A80-500 Kapalaoa Inc. (PDF) 11/18/1981

A80-501  Kumaka, Inc. (PDF) 01/21/1982

A81-502  Marvin J. Roeder, Jr., (PDF) 07/27/1981

A81-505  Colony Associates (PDF) 03/02/1982

A81-506  Norman Greenwell & Roman Catholic Dioces (PDF) 04/08/1982

A81-507  Robert C. Palmer

A81-508  Madeline Leslie (PDF) 03/04/1982

A81-510  Harold Kun and Shirley Ann Chun (PDF) 07/23/1982

A81-512  Lester H. Gamble, Sr.

A81-518  Department of Planning & Economic Development, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 08/02/1982

A81-521  Joseph M. and Rosalind M. Lopez (PDF) 07/23/1982

A81-522  Jeffrey Choi and Kathleen T. Choi (PDF) 12/03/1982

A81-523  James K. Ahia, Sr. and Frances K. Ahia (PDF) 07/23/1982

A81-524  Cambridge Pacific, Inc.

A81-525 Y-O, Ltd.

A82-527  Department of Planning & Economic Development, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 10/19/1982

A82-531  Theo Davies Hamakua Sugar Company (PDF) 02/28/1983

A82-540  Louis Bleier

A82-541  Hiroshi Matsuyama (PDF) 05/27/1983

A83-549  Kona Vistas LLC (fka Gamlon Corp. / Gamrex Inc.)

A83-554 Farms of Kapua

A83-556  Honoli`i Partners (PDF) 05/18/1984

A83-559  Walter Filipek (PDF) 05/25/1984

A83-561  Richfield of Hawai`i, Ltd. (PDF) 02/04/1985

A84-563  Gilbert and Margaret McConnell

A84-564  Kaiwiki Heights Associates (PDF) 11/27/1984

A84-566  TSA International, Limited (PDF)

A84-570 W.H. SHIPMAN

A84-571  County of Hawai`i Planning Department (PDF) 12/19/1985

A84-573  Oceanic Properties, Inc. (PDF) 05/21/1985

A84-574  Mauna Kea Properties, Inc.

A84-575  County of Hawai`i Planning Department (PDF) 12/02/1985

A84-583  Mauna Lani Resort, Inc. (PDF)

A84-587  214142 Holdings, Ltd. (PDF) 02/10/1986

A85-592  Department of Planning & Economic Development, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 02/06/1986

A85-593  Dodo Mortuary, Inc. (PDF) 12/17/1985

A85-597  Ka`ūpūlehu Development (PDF) 10/24/1986

A86-599  Kona Beach Development Venture, LP (PDF) 01/30/1987

A86-601  Richard Smart Revocable Personal Trust

A86-602  Kahala Capitol Corporation (PDF) 09/18/1987

A86-603  Huehue Ranch

A86-605  Keahou Investment Company and Kona Coast Properties, Limited, A Joint Venture (PDF) 01/30/1987

A87-617  Signal Puakō Corporation

A87-618  Isemoto Contracting Co., Ltd., SJA Partnership, and March E. Taylor (PDF) 05/23/1989

A88-620  Kohala Joint Venture

A88-621   Kahala Capital Corporation

A88-630  Palace Development Corporation and Hawai`i Ka`ū `Āina

A88-632  Pualani Development Company (PDF) 09/13/1989

A89-637  ATPAC Land Company Limited Partnership

A89-641  Department of Transportation, State of Hawai`i (PDF)  01/09/1990



A89-646  Liliuokalani Trust

A70-255  Hiroshi Matsuyama

A70-257  Robert M. Yamada (PDF) 01/11/1971

A70-260  Richard A. Arakaki & Fritz Rietfors (PDF) 12/21/1970

A70-262  Shuzo Ikeno, (PDF) 01/11/1971

A70-263  Iwao Jyo (PDF) 07/06/1971

A70-264  Lanihau Corp., Trusteen of Palani Land (PDF) 03/01/1971

A70-267  Vacationland Associates (PDF) 03/01/1971

A71-271  Department of Land & Natural Resources, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 07/02/1971

A71-272  Department of Land & Natural Resources, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 07/02/1971

A71-274  Department of Accounting & General Services, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 07/02/1971

A71-277  Land Use Commission

A71-278  County of Hawai`i (PDF) 07/06/1971

A71-279  Theodore R. Pike (PDF) 07/02/1971

A71-280  Chiaki Kato (PDF) 07/02/1971

A71-287  Land Use Commission

A71-290  Hugh H. Willocks, (PDF) 09/03/1971

A71-292  Barney B. Menor (PDF) 09/03/1971

A71-297  Department of Accounting & General Services, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 09/03/1971

A71-299  Department of Accounting & General Services, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 11/09/1971

A71-300  Department of Accounting & General Services, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 01/10/1972

A71-305  Harumi & Asayo Nakano (PDF) 01/10/1972

A71-306  Department of Hawaiian Homelands (PDF) 03/20/1972

A71-308  Lydia P. Halas

A71-310  Ocean View Investment Co., Inc.

A71-315  Department of Transportation, State of Hawai`i

A71-318  WLT Management Co.

A71-319  Hawaiian Real Estate Corp.

A72-320  Kona Scenic Land, Inc.

A72-321  C. Brewer & Co., Ltd.

A72-322  Herbert T. Matsunaga

A72-323  Agnes P. Smith

A72-325  Gentry – Hawaiiana Associates J.V.

A72-327  First Hawaiian Bank

A72-329  Estate of Hannah H. Fukushima

A72-331  Department of Land & Natural Resources, State of Hawai`i

A72-334  Signal Properties, Inc.

A72-337  Hawaiian Agricultural Co.

A72-338  Mauna Kea Sugar Co., Inc.

A72-339  Mauna Kea Sugar Co., Inc.

A72-340  Pepeekeo Sugar Company

A72-341  Pepeekeo Sugar Company

A72-343  Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate

A72-347  John M. Mahi,

A72-348  Harold Blick & Ronald Harris

A72-350  Yasuji Takasaki,

A72-351  Land Use Commission

A72-353  Mabel M. Davis

A73-357  W.H. Shipman, Ltd.

A73-360  Lawrence & Agnes Denis

A73-361  Richard V. Toledo

A73-365  Eugene F. Kennedy Investments

A73-369  Katsumi Nii

A73-370  K. Oue, Ltd.

A73-371  Leo I. Fleming

A73-373  Yoshio Tomori,

A73-374  Erbin R. Deponte

A73-379  Pacific Basin Resorts, Inc.

A74-381  Yamada Estates

A74-382  Puna Country Village Company

A75-393  Department of Land & Natural Resources, State of Hawai`i

A75-404  Honokaa Sugar Company

A75-406  Yamada Estates (PDF) 05/28/1976

A76-412  Pacific Basin Resorts, Inc. (PDF) 02/15/1977

A76-419 Paradise Hui Hanalike Association, etal. (PDF)

A76-426  Masaichi Kimoto and Harue Kimoto (PDF) 12/02/1977

A77-430  Department of Transportation, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 02/17/1978

A78-435  Hawaiian Paradise Park Corp.

A78-439  Honokaa Sugar Company (PDF) 02/23/1979

A78-440  Kobayashi Development & Construction Inc. (PDF) 07/17/1979

A78-441  Pacific Hawaiian Ltd. (PDF) 05/25/1979

A78-448  Department of Planning & Economic Development, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 07/17/1979

A79-450  Department of Planning & Economic Development, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 06/28/1979

A79-455  Mauna Kea Sugar Co., Inc. (PDF) 12/18/1979

A79-458  Department of Planning & Economic Development, State of Hawai`i (PDF) 01/17/1980

A79-461  Kamehameha Development Corp.

A79-462  Komohana Investors (PDF) 08/20/1980

A79-463  Joseph G. Kealoha, Jr. (PDF) 02/19/1980

A79-468  Pacific Basin Resorts (PDF) 09/19/1980

A79-470  The Trustees of the Liliuokalani Trust (PDF) 10/30/1980

A79-471  Lanihau Corporation (PDF) 12/16/1980

A62-006  Fumio Teshima

A62-007  Hilo Country Club, Ltd.

A62-008  J.I. Gillespie

A62-009  Hiroshi Kasamoto

A62-015  Hawaiian Home Lands

A62-018  Hayselden Ranch, Co.

A62-019  G. Vierra and L. Toledo

A62-023  Shunichi Arizumi

A62-030  Richard Warfield

A63-032  Department of Land & Natural Resources, State of Hawai`i

A63-033  Department of Land & Natural Resources, State of Hawai`i

A63-036  Tamotsu & Sumiya Kuramoto

A63-047  Double I Ranch

A63-050  Richard T.G. Choy, William D.H. Lee

A63-051  T. Nakamoto & I. Jyo

A63-052  Country Club Homes, Inc.

A63-055  Bob Yanazaki

A63-056  Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate

A64-064  S. and A Niau & R. and K. Chang

A64-065  Pedro and Lucy Oro

A64-066  Maryann Kamahele

A64-067  John G. Pedra

A64-068  Donald G. Kendall

A64-069  W.H. Shipman

A64-072  Hawaiian Home Lands

A64-073  Molly D. Zimring

A64-075  W.H. Shipman, Ltd.

A64-078  Earl V. Truex

A65-080  Dillingham Investment Corporation

A65-082  G.R. Ewart

A65-087  Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

A65-089  Parker Ranch

A65-092  Puna Sugar Company, Ltd.

A65-096  Honokaa Sugar Company

A65-103  Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate

A65-104  Takeshi and Chizuko Kudo

A65-105  Mauna Loa Development Corporation

A65-107  Ralph E. Allison,

A65-108  A.C. & Emily F. Gouveia

A66-109  Mauna Kea Sugar Co., Inc.

A66-111  Parker Ranch

A66-115  Hawai`i County Planning Commission

A66-117  Hawai`i County Planning Commission

A66-122  Liliuokalani Trust

A66-126  W.H. Shipman, Ltd. & Keeau Land Co., Ltd.

A66-127  Sunrise Realty Mortgage Corp.

A66-130  Frank E. Ferreira

A66-131  Sunrise Realty Mortgage Corp.

A66-132  H. Frances & William M. Douglas

A66-133  Land Use Commission (PDF) 11/22/1966

A66-141  Hawai`i-Pacific Land Company, Inc.

A66-146  Benjamin T. Inouye

A67-147  Hawai`i Mill Co., Ltd.

A67-149  Hawai`i Housing Authority

A67-150  Edward T. and Aiko Fukunaga

A67-151 Toshio Nakamoto and Iwao Jyo

A67-153  Yasuo Kuwaye and Hiromu Yamanaka

A67-154  Evelyn S. Foo,

A67-157  Kuakini Investment Incorporated

A67-159  Annie K.K. Kaolowi

A67-166  Olohana Corporation

A67-167  George R. Sims

A67-168  George Kado

A67-169  Richard Smart

A67-170  Kealakekua Ranch, Ltd.

A67-172  Kenichi Sugai and Kenichi Yamamoto

A68-175  Francis H.I. Brown (PDF) 08/20/1968

A68-180  Abigail L. Funn & Frances L. Pang

A68-183  ILWU Local 142

A68-185  Hawai`i Housing Authority

A68-188  Tadashi Imaizumi

A68-193  Lillian T. Goo

A68-194  Boise Cascade Home & Land Corp.

A68-195  James Spencer Estate

A68-198  Hisaharu and Kimiko Ikeda

A68-200  Lui Kalani Stone

A68-208  Kid McCoy, Jr.

A69-212  Northridge Estates, Ltd.

A69-219  Wattie Mae Hedemann

A69-220  Northridge Estates, Ltd.

A69-224  C. Brewer & Co.

A69-228  The Realty Investment Co., Ltd.

A69-230  First Hawaiian Bank, Managing Trustee (PDF) 02/08/1972

A69-231  Kealakekua Ranch, Ltd.

A69-234  Malani E. and Bernard H. Chun

A69-236  Kawailani Place, Inc.

A69-240  Paul L. Carlson