A07-778 SCD Kaloko Makai, LLC

*This Petition has not been deemed a complete filing as of December 2016.  The project has submitted a revised draft EIS in 2013.  Petitioner will need to submit a draft Final EIS to the Commission for a hearing on acceptance at a future date yet to be determined.



Petitioner is seeking to reclassify approximately 952 acres in Kaloko, North Kona, from the State Conservation and State Agricultural District to the State Urban District.  The Petition area is a portion of the approximately 1,142 acres proposed for the development of Kaloko Makai.  The Petition area is comprised of Tax Map Key Parcel Nos. (3) 7-3-009: 017, 025 (portion), 026, and 028.  Approximately 190 acres within parcel 025 was previously reclassified to the State Urban District under LUC Docket No. A84-566.  The Petitioner proposes to develop a master-planned residential mixed-use community to include supporting commercial, educational, recreational and open space uses with related infrastructure.


Petition has not been accepted as a complete filing.  The Second (Revised) DEIS has been under public comment period that ended September 23, 2013; Petitioner is currently working to draft a Final EIS (FEIS) that will be submitted to the Commission at a future date yet to be determined.


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