SP15-406 Kawailoa Solar, LLC

Kawailoa Solar, LLC Special Permit Application No. 2014/SUP-6

Trustees of Bernice Pauahi Bishop dba Kamehameha Schools – Application for Special Permit to Construct a 50-megawatt photovoltaic (PV) energy generation facility and accessory uses and structures on lands rated Class A, B, C by the Land Study Bureau.  TMK6-1-005: Portion of 1 and 6-1-006: Portion of 1- Existing use Agriculture/Existing Zoning AG-1 Restricted Agricultural District, Appx. 384.1 acres


Post-Decision ActionsLUC Notices and OrdersPetitioner FilingsCity & County of HonoluluState Office of Planning & Sustainable Development (OPSD) FilingsAnnual ReportsOwnership Changes

DPP Correspondence & Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Decision and Order (05/08/15)

Index of the Record-Exhibit List

Exhibit 1      CH2M HILL transmittal letter dated 11/7/14

Exhibit 2     CH2M HILL transmittal of 21 hard copies

Exhibit 3     DPP Acceptance Letter dated 1/16/15

Exhibit 4     Notice of Application dated 1/16/15

Exhibit 5     Memo to Agencies and Neighborhood Board No. 27 from DPP requesting comments dated 1/16/15

Exhibit 6     Copy of mailing labels

Exhibit 7     CH2M HILL letter to DPP dated 2/16/15 transmitting a letter provided by SHPD with copy of the “Natural Resource Assessment” for the project

Exhibit 8     Agency comments on SUP application

Exhibit 9     Community Comments- Blue Planet Foundation, Tin Toof Hawaii, Susan Fim, Bryan Chee, and the Hawaii Renewable Energy Alliance

Exhibit 10    Confirmation of Publication and Notice of Public Hearing for 4/1/15 meeting

Exhibit 11    Planning Commission (PC) 4/1/15 agenda

Exhibit 12    CH2M HILL response letter to DPP re: agency comments and attached Preliminary Civil Considerations Report dated 3/10/15

Exhibit 13    CH2M HILL transmittal to DPP and attached agency comments from DLNR/DAR dated 3/16/15

Exhibit 14     CH2M HILL response letter to DPP re: agency comments dated 3/17/15

Exhibit 15     Memo from DPP to PC transmitted Director’s Report and Recommendation dated 3/13/15

Exhibit 16     Applicant’s First List of Witnesses; First List of Exhibits, Exhibits No. “1”-“20”, COS

Exhibit 17     Applicant’s Supplemental List of Witnesses; First List of Exhibits, Exhibits No. “21”-“22”, COS

Exhibit 18    PC’s Agenda for 4/15/15

Exhibit 19   Applicant’s Second Supplemental List of Witnesses; First List of Exhibits, Exhibit No. “23”, COS

Exhibit 20   DPP IAL map submitted to PC on 4/15/15

Exhibit 21    Transcript of PC 4/1/15 Public Hearing

Exhibit 22    DPP Public Hearing Maps

Exhibit 23   Transcript of PC 4/15/15 Public Hearing

Exhibit 24   Errata dtd 4/1/15 for transcript of 4/15/15 PC Public Hearing

Exhibit 25   Material received after Public Hearing

Exhibit 26    Unofficial transcript of PC Continued Public Hearing 4/15/15

Official Transcript Volume II of 4-15-15 Continued Public Hearing (06/03/15)


DPP Approved Maps of Petition Area (01/25/18)

2016 Annual Report (02/09/16)

2017 Annual Report (02/13/17)

2018 Annual Report (12/28/18) County Comments (03/21/19)

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