City and County of Honolulu Special Permits

We are still in transition converting our old docket files to a digital format. If you don’t find a docket file you are looking for by following the links below, please contact our staff at 808-587-3822.


SP15-405 Waipiʻo PV, LLC

SP15-406 Kawailoa Solar, LLC

SP17-409 City and County of Honolulu Department of Design and Construction
Special Permit to Allow the Expansion of the Honouliuli Wastewater Treatment Plant and Support Facilities


SP01-395 Union of Operating Engineers Local 3 Hawaiʻi J.A.C.

SP01-396 —

SP04-398 Sphere LLC dba Pacific Aggregate (PDF)

SP09-403 City & County of Honolulu, Department of Environmental Services
(Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill)

SP82-353 Estate of James Campbell

SP87-362 City & County of Honolulu, Department of Public Works (Waimanalo Gulch Landfill)

SP87-363 Kuilima Development Co.



SP70-80 Duerkson Landscaping Company (PDF) 03/16/1970

SP71-91 Marvin B. Boudreau (Waianae) (PDF) 03/01/1971

SP71-96 City & County of Honolulu, Department of Public Works

SP71-114 First Hawaiian Bank (Waianae)

SP71-119 Makaha Valley Incorporated

SP71-121 Oceanic Properties, Inc. (Waipio)

SP73-143 Kahuku Hospital Association

SP73-146 Warren Corp. (Mokuleia)

SP73-147 Grace Pacific Ltd. (Makakilo Quarry)

SP75-198 Ser Cam Kennels, Inc. (Waianae) (PDF) 03/20/1975

SP75-205 C&C of Honolulu Bldg. Dept. (Waipio) (PDF) 06/23/1975

SP75-206 Oceanic Properties, Inc. (Waipio) (PDF) 09/22/1975

SP75-210 C&C of Honolulu, Bldg, Dept. (Waipio) (PDF) 09/23/1975

SP75-227 Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (Waianae) (PDF) 12/09/1975

SP75-228 Inscon Development Co. (Kahuku) (PDF) 12/23/1975

SP76-248 C&C of Honolulu, Bldg, Dept. (Waipio) (PDF) 09/03/1976

SP76-250 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church (Waikane) (PDF) 11/12/1976

SP77-273 Oahu Corporation

SP77-279 North Shore Christian Fellowship Corp.

SP77-286 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Calilao

SP78-302 Pacific Concrete & Rock Company, Ltd.

SP78-312 Castle & Cooke, Inc. (Waipio)

SP78-317 City and County of Honolulu, Department of Public Works (Sewage Treatment Plant) (PDF)

SP78-323 Sunset Beach Church of Christ, Etal

SP78-325 Roman Catholic Church

SP79-341 Board of Water Supply

SP62-1 Silva, Lawrence

SP64-1 Hawaii Aerial Tramway Corporation

SP64-3 DLNR – Waialeʻe

SP64-4 Virginia Brooks – Camp Timberline

SP62-5 Kim, Harry Y.H (PDF) 07/06/1962

SP62-8 Tavares, Minnie (PDF) 12/28/1962


SP62-18 Consolidated Amusement Co

SP62-19 Flores, Julian

SP62-20 Dee Gibson

SP62-24 George K. Sing

SP62-27 Joseph R. Souza (PDF) 10/21/1963

SP62-28 Albert Shibuya (PDF) 10/04/1963

SP62-34 Miguel, Benigno (PDF) 10/09/1963

SP62-39 Chun, Michael P. L (PDF) 10/04/1963

SP63-1 Souza, Ernest (PDF) 03/24/1964

SP63-2 Wittheft, Ivan (PDF) 01/28/1964

SP63-42 Visitacion, Magdalino (PDF) 06/06/1963

SP63-47 Vierra, Joseph and Helen (PDF) 06/04/1963

SP64-1 Hawaii Aerial Tramway Corporation

SP64-3 Land & Natural Resources

SP64-4 Brooks, Virginia S (PDF) 09/15/1964

SP65-18 Communications Satellite Corporation (PDF) 10/07/1965

SP65-20 Frank K. Combs (PDF) 12/21/1965

SP66-28 Hawaii Conference of United Church of Christ

SP66-37 Henry Blanchard (PDF) 11/03/1966

SP68-51 Hawaiian Mission of Seventh Day Adventist (PDF) 01/25/1968

SP68-56 Ekahanui, Inc (PDF) 04/06/1972