SP87-362 Department of Environmental Services – Waimanalo Gulch

LUC Notices and OrdersAnnual Reports

(04/20/1987) Decision and Order

(10/31/1989) Decision and Order to Amend

(06/03/2003) Decision and Order Approving Amendments

(05/10/2004) Decision and Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Motion to Amend and/or Stay the Decision and Order Approving Amendment to Special Use Permit dated June 3, 2003

(03/14/2008) Decision and Order Adopting with Modifications, The City and County of Honolulu Planning Commission’s Recommendation to Approve Amendment to Special Use Permit – This D&O was issued in response to the Department of Environmental Services’ application to amend Condition Number 10 of the Planning Commission’s FOFCOLD&O dated March 13, 2003 by extending the deadline to accept solid waste at Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill from May 1, 2008, to May 1, 2010, or until the WGSL reached its permitted capacity, whichever occurred first (The LUC adopted Condition No. 10 in its entirety as Condition No. 12 in its Decision and Order Approving Amendment filed June 3, 2003*.

(03/14/2008) Commission’s Order Denying Ko Olina Community Association’s and Colleen Hanabusa’s Motion to Dismiss

(03/14/2008) Order Denying Applicant’s Request for Official Notice and Ko Olina Community Association’s and Colleen Hanabusa’s Motion to Strike Request for Official Notice

(03/14/2008) Order Denying Petition for Intervention

(05/09/2008) Order Granting Applicants Motion to Waive Fees and Expenses and to Excuse Application from Any Requirements to Reimburse Fees and Expenses

(05/09/2008) DR08-35 Department of Environmental Services, City & County of Honolulu Order Refusing to Issue Declaratory Order- Issued in response to Ms. Hanabusa’s Petition for Declaratory Order and Request for Hearing on behalf of herself and the Ko Olina Community Association


Agenda & Minutes

March 27, 2003: Agenda  |  Minutes

April 01, 2004: Agenda  |  Minutes

April 20, 2006: Agenda  |  *Site visit (no minutes)

February 21, 2008: Agenda  |  Minutes

March 06-07, 2008: Agenda  | Minutes 03/06/08  |  Minutes 03/07/08

April 24, 2008: Agenda  |  Minutes