SP97-390 Central Maui Landfill- County of Maui Exhibit 2 Appendices A through J

EXHIBIT 2 DEA – Proposed Central Maui Landfill Facilities Project


A   State Special Permits

A-1  State Special Permit SP97-390 FY17 Annual Report

B  County Special Use Permit

C  Letter from OEQC August 10, 2016

D  Declaratory Order No. DR09-38

D-1  Maui County Council Committee Report No. 12-143

D-2  Letter to OP April 28, 2016

D-3  Letter to DOA April 29, 2016

D-4  OP Letter May 11, 2016

Biological Resources Survey

F  Archaeological Assessment Report

Main Report

Results & Recommendations

Field Work Results

Trenches 1-3

Trenches 4-6

Trenches 7-9

Trenches 10-12

Trenches 13-15

Trenches 16-18

Trenches 19-21

Trenches 22-24

Trenches 25-27

Trenches 28-30

G  Cultural Interviews

H  Baseline Soil Sampling Report

I  Traffic Impact Analysis Report

Main TIAR Report

Appendix A  Traffic Counts

Appendix B  LOS Worksheets

Appendix C  Signal Warrant Worksheets

Appendix D  Detailed Trip Generation Assumptions

J Preliminary Engineering and Drainage Report

Main Report


Attachment 1  Hydrology Report