DR20-70 Linda Rosehill et al Petition For Declaratory Order

The LUC held a videoconference on August 13, 2020 where a decision was made on this matter.


LUC Notices and OrdersPetitioner FilingState Office of Planning & Sustainable Development (OPSD) FilingsCounty of Hawai`i FilingsPublic TestimonyCivil Case 3CCV-21-0000178

Consolidated Order (05/20/21)

County has filed DR20-69 on this same issue– County of Hawai`i Petition for Declaratory Order; Memorandum of Authorities. Cert of Svc. (formerly DR20-68 County of Hawai`i`s Petition for Declaratory Order;- withdrawn 3/20/2020) (5/19/2020)

Supplemental Submission (7/10/2020)

2nd Supplemental Submission (8/10/2020)


Late Testimony – received between August 11-13, 2020:  City and County of Honolulu, Department of Planning and Permitting; Phaethon Keeney; F.K. Finn; Janice Palma-Glennie; Mark Koppel; Axel Kratel; Cory Harden; Len Gambla

Late Testimony– Gary Robb, Janice Palma-Glennie, City and County of Honolulu

Public Testimony received August 10, 2020 from County of Kaua’i

Public Testimony received August 10, 2020 from County of Maui

Public Testimony received August 6, 2020 from Steve Lopez

Public Testimony received July 31, 2020 from Dana Heltz

Public Testimony received July 28, 2020 from Mark Gordon

Public Testimony received June 24, 2020 from Kurt Wollenhaupt

Stephen Bell Testimony for June 25, 2020 LUC meeting (6/17/2020)

Public Testimony Exhibits (6/18/2020)

Public Testimony (6/19/2020) Peter Eising

Additional Public Testimony- Peter Eising (6/22/2020)

Public Testimony for June 22, 2020 – Lynn Krieger

Public Testimony for July 6, 2020- Linda Voloshen Spencer


Public Testimony for May 19, 2022: Steve Lopez, Gerri Allison, Cynthia Milani, Cindy and Thomas Fisher

Public Testimony for June 8, 2022: Cynthia Milani, Steve Lopez, Harry M. Pritikin, Michael J. Matsukawa, Corry, Richard and Deborah Koval, Walter and Kathy Koening