Maui Waiehu 201(H) (FUTURE DOCKET)

Waiehu Residential Community 

The proposed Waiehu Residential Community is a 201H project located in Waihe‘e-Waiehu, Wailuku, Island of Maui. The proposed site (TMK: (2) 3-3-002 :031) consists of approximately 158 acres in the Agricultural District to be converted to the Urban District, for a new 100% affordable, 752-unit residential community along with associated infrastructure, roadways, and amenities such as park space, walking trails, and landscaping.


This project has not yet been received by the Land Use Commission, nor has it been assigned a Docket Number.

On August 2, 2022, The Land Use Commission provided Comments on the applicants Final Environmental Assessment.
On October 6th, 2022, The Land Use Commission scheduled a site visit, in anticipation of receiving this project application in the near future.


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LUC Comments on FEA  08/02/2022


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10/04/2022 – Charlsie Yayoshi

10/07/2022 – Laura JohnsonDiana Kaaihue / Delphine Kaiwi/ Joyclynn Costa

10/10/2022 – AJBobbie Parr / Emela Puskar / Grant Reichard / Jannah Puskar / Judith / Kathren Rosales / Nancy

10/19/2022 – Diana Kaaihue

10/26/2022 – Diana Kaaihue

10/31/2022 – Diana Kaaihue

11/15/2022 – George Paresa / Megan Wells

11/21/2022 – Jana Puskar

01/18/2023 – Barbara Parr

02/06/2023 – David Lengkeek

07/12/2023 – Ellen and Phil Friel

1012/2023 – Luke Alcon

LUC Agenda & Minutes

October 5-6, 2022: Agenda  | Minutes

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