A19-809 PŪLAMA LĀNA`I – Miki Basin


Petition to Amend the Land Use District Boundaries of certain lands situated at Lāna`i City, Island of Lāna`i, consisting of approximately 200 acres from the Agricultural District to the Urban District.  Tax Map Key No. (2) 4-9-002:061 (por) for an industrial park and other uses at Miki Basin.

The Petition was deemed incomplete after staff review and Petitioner was directed to complete an Environmental Assessment pursuant to HRS Chapter 343.  This process is required to be completed before the Petition can be formally processed.

Petitioner published a 2nd Draft Environmental Assessment (2nd “DEA”) in the Environmental Notice on November 23, 2021 for a mandatory 30-day comment period ending on December 23, 2021.  The 2nd DEA can be viewed on the Petitioner’s HRS Chapter 343 Environmental Assessments link below.  Following the comment period the Petitioner will respond to all comments received an prepare a Final Environmental Assessment (“FEA”) for the LUC to consider.  The LUC at its scheduled hearing on the matter on February 16-17, 2022, determined that Petitioner’s FEA was acceptable and issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (“FONSI”) by letter to the State Environmental Review Program (formerly the Office of Environmental Quality Control) on February 25, 2022.

An updated Amended Petition was filed for processing on June 7, 2022.  Staff has thirty (30) days from filing to review the Amended Petition and determine whether the filing is complete or needs further information.  Once deemed complete, the Petition will be scheduled for a hearing no sooner than sixty (60) days and no later than one hundred and twenty (120) days.


Petitioner FilingsCounty of Maui FilingsState Office of Planning & Sustainable Development (OPSD) FilingsPublic CommentsCorrespondenceLUC Notices and Orders

Petitioner’s HRS Chapter 343 Environmental Assessments

Draft Petition for Boundary Amendment filed 8/23/19

Motion Requesting the LUC to be the Approving Agency for an Environmental Assessment

Chapter 6E-42 Historic Preservation Review –Miki Basin Industrial Park Project Archaeological Inventory Survey -Kamoku Ahupua‘a, Lāhaina District, Lāna‘i Island -TMK: (2) 4-9-002:061 por.

Notice of Representation (9/11/20)

Notice of Submission (9/11/20)

Lāna‘i Resorts, LLC dba Pūlama Lāna‘iʻs Motion to Issue Notice of a Finding of No Significant Impact (10/30/20)

Petitioner’s Motion to Issue Notice of a Finding of No Significant Impact, Exhibit 1 and COS (02/04/22)

Notification of Petition Filing (06/07/22)

Petition for Land Use District Boundary Amendment (06/07/2022)

December 22-23, 2019- Robin Kaye and Debra Greene

November 16, 2020- Robin Kaye email

November 16-17, 2020 – emails from Brigette Otto, Lisa Kerman, Naomi Ackerman, Madhav Ananda, Debra Greene(Keep Your Power), Michelle Kwik, Jason W. Schwartz, Nancy McPherson-DLNR-SHPD/William Aila- Chair-Hawaiian Homes Commission, Susan Douglas, Anne Allison, Leslie M. Le-Gaux, Marsha Andreola, Naomi Melamed, Helen Swinney, Mara Stevens, Lani Orr, Doug Bonney, Jennifer Neupane, B. & B. Best

November 17, 2020 – emails from Rosalie Lenta, Swami Om, Laurie Bogart, Butch Gima

November 18, 2020- Solomon Pili Kaho`ohalahala

November 19, 2020– Sulara James

February 15, 2022– Nelinia Cabiles, Managing Editor, Lāna‘i Today

COMMENTS TO 2nd Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA):

Maui County – Department of Transportation (11/29/21)

Maui County – Police Department (12/06/21)

Maui County – Department of Water Supply (12/13/21)

Maui County – Department of Planning, Lanai Planning Commission (12/15/2021)

Maui County – Department of Planning (12/23/21)

Maui County – Department of Parks and Recreation (01/07/22)

Maui County – Department of Water Supply (01/07/22)

Maui County – Dept. of Housing and Human Concerns (2/28/22)

Maui County – Maui Emergency Management Agency (02/15/22)

SOH – Department of Transportation (12/21/21)

SOH – DLNR Land Division (12/22/21)

SOH – DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife (01/05/22)

SOH – DLNR Land Division (1/7/22)

SOH – DLNR Land Division (02/01/22)

SOH – DLNR Commission on Water Resource Management (02/15/22)


R.M. Towill Corporation (01/07/22)

Sally Kaye (12/22/21)

University of Hawai’i at Manoa (12/23/21)

U.S. – Department of the Interior – Fish and Wildlife Service (12/15/21)