SP17-409 C&C Honouliuli FEIS

RM Towill’s Special Use Permit Application for Honouliuli Wastewater Treatment Plant Secondary Treatment and Support Facilities and Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).

Table of Contents

Section A  Master Application Form *includes Section B

Section B  Fee (Exempt)

Section C  Written Statement

Section D  Photos

Section E  Drawings and Plans

Section F  Additional Information

F.1  EPA Consent Decree

F.2  Unilateral Agreement, Ordinance 09-22

F.3   DPP Pre-consultation meeting notes

F.4  `Ewa Neighborhood Board Presentation

F.5  Hawai`i Revised Statutes, Chapter 343 Compliance , EIS, Record of Decision

Chapter 1  Table of Contents and Introduction

Chapter 2  Existing Facilities

Chapter 3  Basis of Design Criteria Used to Develop Secondary Treatment and Expansion Alternatives

Chapter 4  Alternatives Considered

Chapter 5  Existing Environment, Impacts and Mitigation Measures

Chapter 6  Indirect and Cumulative Impacts

Chapter 7  Relationships of Action to State and County Land Use Policies and Controls

Chapter 8  Relationships Between Local and Short-Term Uses and Long-Term Productivity

Chapter 9  Irretrievable and Irreversible Commitments of Resources

Chapter 10  Probable Adverse Environmental Affects Which Cannot Be Avoided

Chapter 11  Summary of Unresolved Issues

Chapter 12  References

Chapter 13  Preparers of the FEIS

Chapter 14  Consultation

Appendix A  Honouliuli Fac Plan Work Task 4.F.1 – Updated Basis of Design, June 2012

Appendix B  Biological Resource Assessment, June 2015

Appendix C  Archaeological Assessment and Cultural Impact Assessment, December 2015 and April 2011

Archaeological Impact Assessment, December 2015

Cultural Impact Assessment, April 2011

Appendix D  Air Quality Analysis, November 2014

Appendix E  Noise Study, January 2015

Appendix F  Traffic Impact Analysis Report

Appendix G  Economic and Fiscal Impacts, November 2014

Appendix H  Response to Comments and Comment Letters for DEIS