SP15-405 Waiawa DPP Submittal and Recommendation

DPP Transmittal Letter to the LUC

Planning Commission Decision & Order

Exhibit 1 Map for Waiawa PV, LLC

Exhibit List for DPP Submittal

Exhibit 1 Special Permit application

Exhibit 2 DPP Master application Form (acreage revised)

Exhibit 3 DPP Environmental Checklist Parts I and II

Exhibit 4 CH2M Hill’s transmittal of Master application (corrected acreage)

Exhibit 5 Agencies Review checklist for EA

Exhibit 6 Copy of Mailing labels

Exhibit 7 Notice of SP Application and Summary Description

Exhibit 8 Memo to Agencies

Exhibit 9 DPP’s Acceptance letter to CH2M Hill

Exhibit 10 Comments from DPP Branches

Exhibit 11 DPP Requests for Comments

Exhibit 12 Community Comments

Exhibit 13 Pearl City Neighborhood Board #21 Resolution

Exhibit 14 Agency Comments

Exhibit 15 Revised General Layout and CH2M Hill transmittal letter

Exhibit 16 Planning Commission Notice of Public Hearing

Exhibit 17 CH2M Hill Response letter to DPP regarding agency comments

Exhibit 18 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda for December 17, 2014

Exhibit 19 Applicant’s  Exhibits 1 – 26

Exhibit 20 Planning Commission Meeting Transcript of December 17, 2014

Exhibit 21 Carlsmith Ball LLP Letter to DPP to change project timeframe

Exhibit 22 DPP Memo to Planning Commission with Director’s Report and Recommendation

Exhibit 23 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda for January 7, 2015

Exhibit 24 Planning Commission Meeting Transcript of January 7, 2015

Exhibit 25 Applicant’s Exceptions to DPP’s Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Recommendation

Exhibit 26 Applicant’s First List of Witnesses, First List of Exhibits 1-23

Exhibit 27 Applicant’s List of Witnesses, Second List of Exhibits 24-26

Exhibit 28 Planning Commission Public Hearing Map