December 2016 A16-800 Island School Petition

Petition for District Boundary Amendment and Verification


Exhibit 1  Location Map

Exhibit 2  Survey Map

Exhibit 3  Tax Map Key

Exhibit 4  Property Deed and Description

Exhibit 5  Financial Audit 2015

Exhibit 6  Final Environmental Assessment (FEA)/Island School Updated Master Plan 2013

Appendix A  Biological Survey 2010

Appendix B  Archaeological Literature Review and Field Inspection 2013

Appendix C  Cultural Impact Assessment 2012

Appendix D  Traffic Impact Report 2010

Exhibit 7  Final Archaeological Inventory Survey 2014

Appendix A  State Historic Preservation  Division (SHPD) Correspondence

Appendix B  David Pratt Letter Report

Exhibit 8  Draft Cultural Impact Assessment 2014

Affidavit of Service and Affidavit of Sending Notification of Petition Filing

Certificate of Service

Entire Petition with Exhibits and documentation