Petitioner’s Environmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice (EISPN)

Cover Page, Summary, Publication Notice; Agencies & Organizations sent EISPN

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Introduction

Chapter 2:  Project Description

Chapter 3:  Environmental Impact Statement Alternatives

Chapter 4:  Environmental Setting, Impact & Mitigation

Chapter 5:  Laws, Regulations, Land Use Plans & Policies

Chapter 6:  Agency & Public Comments

Chapter 7:  List of Preparers

Chapter 8:  References

Exhibit A  Kapa`a Housing Market Study

Exhibit B  Kapa`a Highlands II Sustainability Plan

Exhibit C  Kapa`a Highlands Agricultural Master Plan

Exhibit D  Department of Water, County of Kaua`i Managers Report

Exhibit E  Irrigation Supply for Kapa`a Highlands Agricultural Subdivision – Water Master Plan

Exhibit F  Preliminary Engineering Report – Drainage Improvements

Exhibit G  Preliminary Engineering Report – Wastewater Improvements

Exhibit H  Traffic Impact Assessment Report (TIAR)

Exhibit I  Kapa`a Highlands Legal Description and Map

Exhibit J  Botanical Survey Kapa`a Highlands Phase II

Exhibit K  Biological Surveys Kapa`a Highlands Phase II

Exhibit L  An Archaeological Assessment with Subsurface Testing

Exhibit M  A Cultural Impact Assessment for the Proposed Kapa`a Highlands Phase II Project

Exhibit N  Comment Letters, Scoping Letters & Letters of Support

Exhibit O  Kaua`i County Planning Commission Tentative Subdivision Approval for HoKua Farm Lots