A07-778 Kaloko-Makai AIS Summary

Archaeological Inventory Survey

Appendix I:  AIS Summary Report, May 2008, pdf size 3.6 Mb

*This appendix summarizes the information contained within seven volumes that are contained/combined in the files below.  These files are large so viewing in your browser may be a challenge, but downloading should allow you to view the files on your own computer with little problem.  Suggest viewing the Summary Report above first and then decide whether you need to view any of the more detailed reports below.

AIS for TMK 7-3-009:017, dated March 2008; pdf size 38.3 Mb

AIS for TMK 7-3-009:025, dated April 2008; pdf size 54.7 Mb

AIS for TMK 7-3-009:026, dated May 2008; pdf size 9.8 Mb

Appendix A:  Site Descriptions, dated May 2008; pdf size 84.3 Mb

AIS for TMK 7-3-009:028, dated March 2008; pdf size 32.5 Mb