A06-767 Waikoloa Mauka – WHI Supplemental Position Statement

Supplemental Statement of Position effectively filed October 15, 2018


Declaration of Derek Simon

Declaration of Natalia Batichtcheva

Certificate of Service

Exhibit 18 Waikoloa Highland’s Proposed Stipulation filed at hearing September 6, 2018

Exhibit 19  LUC Hearing Transcripts for September 6, 2018

Exhibit 20  Armbusinessbank Commitment Letter 2018

Exhibit 21  Carlsmith Ball Letter with objections to Proposed LUC Administrative Rule Changes dated September 14, 2018

Exhibit 22  Summary Project Accountings Spreadsheet

Exhibit  22A  Subdivision Increment I Accountings

Exhibit 22B  Subdivision Increment II Accountings

Exhibit 22C  SLU Boundary Amendment and EIS Prep Accountings

Exhibit 22D  Off-site Water Accountings

Exhibit 22E  Roundabout Design Accountings

Exhibit 23  Sulla Affidavit re:  Affordable Housing parcel dated October 10, 2018

Exhibit 24  SHPD Preliminary Site Information Form dated October 10, 2018

Exhibit 25  Ordinance and Explosive Hazard Risk Map dated 2018

Exhibit 26  Martirosian Extradition Document

Exhibit 27  Arch Ltd. Board Resolution

Exhibit 28  Corporate Structure Diagram

Exhibit 29  Arch Ltd. Statement on Martirosian

Exhibit 30  Resignation Statement of Martirosian

Exhibit 31  Vitoil Shareholders Resolution

Exhibit 32  Resignation Statement of Martirosian

Exhibit 33  Arch Ltd. Letter of Authorization

Exhibit 34  Arch Ltd. Certificate of Encumbency

Exhibit 35  County of Hawai`i Communication dated June 4, 2004

Exhibit 36  Land Study Bureau Map

Exhibit 37  Agricultural Lands Important to the State of Hawai`i (ALISH) Map