A19-809 Pulama Lānaʻi – Final Environmental Assessment (02/07/2022)

File 1

Cover (pages 1-2)

Table of Contents (pages 3-6)

Executive Summary (pages7-9)

Summary of Existing Conditions and Potential Impacts and Mitigation Measures (pages 12-22)

Chapter I Project Overview (pages 23-31)

Chapter II Description of the Existing Environment, Potential Impacts, and Mitigation Measures (pages 32-74)

Chapter III Relationship to Governmental Plans, Policies, and Controls (pages 75-112)

Chapter IV Unavoidable Adverse Environmental Effects and Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitments of Resources (pages 113-115)

Chapter V Alternatives to the Proposed Action (pages 116-118)

Chapter VI Significance Criteria Assessment (pages 119-124)

Chapter VII List of Permits and Approvals (pages 125-126)

Chapter VIII Parties Consulted During Preparation of DEA, Letters Received and Responses to Substantive Comments (pages 127-129)

File 2

Chapter VIII (w/Pre-consultation Comments Received Prior to the Publication of the November 23, 2019, Draft EA and Responses Provided) (pages 130-149)

File 3

Chapter VIII (November 23, 2019, Draft EA Comments and Responses) (pages 150-169)

File 4

Chapter IX Parties Consulted During 30-Day Comment Period for 2nd DEA, Letters Received and Responses to Substantive Comments (pages 170-218)

File 5

Chapter IX (continued pages 219-277)

Chapter X References (pages 278-279)

File 6

Appendix A – Market Assessment (pages 280-294)

Appendix B – Impacts on Agriculture Report (pages 295-313)

File 7

Appendix C – Flora and Fauna Study (pages 314-322)

File 8

Appendix D-1 – Archaeological Inventory Survey (“AIS”) (pages 323-347)

File 9

Appendix D-1 (continued pages 348-363)

File 10

Appendix D-1 (continued pages 364-378)

File 11

Appendix D-2 – State Historic Preservation Division AIS Acceptance Letter (pages 379-381)

Appendix D-3 – Archaeological Data Recovery Plan and Data Recovery Report (pages 382-404)

Appendix D-4 – Supporting Documentation on Cultural Impact Assessment (“CIA”) Requirement (pages 405-421)

File 12

Appendix E – Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (pages 422-453)

File 13

Appendix E (continued pages 454-481)

File 14

Appendix E (continued pages 482-500)

File 15

Appendix E (continued pages 501-523)

File 16

Appendix F – Economic, Population, and Fiscal Impacts Report (pages 524-543)

Appendix G – Traffic Impact Analysis Report (pages 544-567)

Appendix H-1 – Water Master Plan (pages 568-586)

Appendix H-2 – New Well Supply Alternatives for the Manele Bay Water System, Public Water System No. 238 (pages 587-598)

Appendix I – Wastewater Master Plan (pages 599-605)

Appendix J – Drainage Report (pages 606-609)

File 17

Appendix J (continued pages 610)

File 18

Appendix J (continued pages 611)

File 19

Appendix J (continued pages 612-629)

Appendix K-1 – Hawai’i State Plan – Assessment of Project Applicability to Goals, Objectives, and Policies (pages 630-645)

Appendix K-2 – Countywide Policy Plan – Assessment of Project Applicability to Goals, Objectives and Policies (pages 646-662)