A15-798 Waikapu Properties – DEIS

Petitioner’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)


CHAPTER 1  Introduction and Summary

CHAPTER 2  Planning Context

CHAPTER 3  Description of the Project

Pages 1-10

Pages 11-15

Pages 16-20

Pages 21-24

Pages 25-29

Pages 30-59

CHAPTER 4  Affected Natural Environment, Potential Impacts and Mitigation Measures

CHAPTER 5  Affected Human Environment, Potential Impacts and Mitigation Measures

CHAPTER 6  Contextual Issues

CHAPTER 7  Relationship to Governmental Plans, Policies, and Controls

CHAPTER 8  Alternatives Analysis

CHAPTER 9  EISPN Distribution List and Comment Letters

CHAPTER 10  References


APPENDIX A  Market Study, Economic Impact Analysis and Public Fiscal Assessment

APPENDIX B  Botanical and Faunal Surveys

APPENDIX C  Air Quality Study

APPENDIX D  Noise Assessment Report

APPENDIX E  Archaeological Inventory Survey

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

APPENDIX F  Cultural Impact Assessment

APPENDIX G  Agricultural Impact Assessment

APPENDIX H  Preliminary Engineering and Drainage Report

APPENDIX I  Traffic Impact Analysis Report (TIAR)

APPENDIX J  A History Report of Waikapu

APPENDIX K  September 14, 2009 Community Survey Results

APPENDIX L  EISPN Agency Comment and Response Letters

APPENDIX M  District Boundary Amendment Petition Maps