A12-796 Waiko Industrial Investment, LLC

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2020 Notice of Change of Ownership (4/23/2020)

Petition for District Boundary Amendment

 Exhibits 2 through 8

AFFIDAVIT OF MAILING (Notification of Petition Filing); EXHIBITS “A” AND “B”

Petitioner’s Exhibit 1

Final Environmental Assessment (FEA) and Appendices A through E

FEA Appendices F through K

FEA Appendices L through N

FEA Appendices O through ZZZ

              A12-796 First Amend. to Pet-APPNDX J-1, exh.9,10,11

Petitioner List of Witnesses, List of Exhibits, Exhibits 12-51, COS (pdf): 11/21/2012

Written Direct Testimony of Witnesses; Exhibits 28, 32, 34, 36, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47 and 49; Rebuttal List of Witnesses and Rebuttal List of Exhibits; Certificate of Service (pdf): 11/30/2012

Withdrawal of Petitioner’s Rebuttal List of Witnesses and Rebuttal List of Exhibits, COS (pdf) Filed on 11/30/2012

Affidavit of Mailing of Notice of Hearing; Exhibits “A-C”, COS (pdf)

Notice of Appearance of Counsel (pdf)

Petitioner’s Affidavit of Publication (pdf)

Hearing Map No. 1

Petitioner’s Proposed Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Decision and Order (pdf): 03/15/2013

Stipulation to clarify the record as to Petitioner’s Exhibits “8”, “38” and “52” (pdf)

Petitioner’s Response to OP’s Comments & Objections to Petitioner’s Proposed FOF, COL, and D&O (pdf)

Declaration of Conditions Applicable to an Amendment of District Boundary from Agricultural to Urban, recorded in the Bureau of Conveyances of the State of Hawaii as Document No. A-49470663 (certified copy)

Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Decision and Order (PDF) 05/03/2013


Agenda & Minutes

December 6, 2012: Agenda  |  Minutes

February 21, 2013: Agenda  |  Minutes 02/21/13

April 18, 2013: Agenda  |  Minutes 04/18/13

May 02, 2013: Agenda  |  Minutes

2015 Annual Report filed September 28, 2015

2016 Annual Report filed September 7, 2016

2017 Annual Report filed May 3, 2017

2018 Annual Report filed April 26, 2018

2019 Annual Report filed April 15, 2019

Notice of Change of Ownership (4/23/2020)

2020 Annual Report filed April 24, 2020

2021 Annual Report filed May 4, 2021