A07-773 Emmanuel Lutheran Church of Maui- Motion for Extension of Time to Complete Project

BACKGROUND (click to link to previous Petition History)

The Land Use Commission (LUC) reclassified approximately 25.263 acres of land in Wailuku, Maui into the State Land Use Urban District by Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Decision and Order in Docket No. A07-773 filed on March 7, 2008.  The Petitioner in that matter was EMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH OF MAUI, a Hawai`i non-profit corporation (ELC), which is the current fee simple owner of the Petition Area.

The original development project for the Petition Area was planned to be developed in three phases and included the construction of necessary infrastructure, a pre-school building, classrooms, a multi-purpose complex, administration building, a building to house a library, computer lab, and science room, and a 450-seat sanctuary with additional classrooms.  Due to funding complications, and other negative factors, the Petitioner has concluded that the original proposed project has to be revised to a more modest plan that would still be substantially consistent with the originally proposed project, but scaled-down to better suit Petitioner’s needs.

The LUC imposed 23 conditions upon the initial reclassification of land and Petitioner is seeking relief from Condition No. 2 of the original Decision and Order in the form of an extension of time to complete the updated project.

This motion is requesting an extension under D&O Condition No.2 to allow for an additional ten years, until March 7, 2028 to complete development of the updated proposed project.  If granted, Petitioner proposes to return to the LUC and seek relief from certain other conditions and related modification in order to meet its updated project goals and allow for the development of a 100% affordable housing project to be known as the Waikapu Affordable Workforce Housing Project, within a portion of the Petition Area that the ELC intends to subdivide and convey to Waikapu Development Venture LLC.

On April 12, 2018, the LUC received Waikapu Development Venture LLC’s (WDV) Motion to be Co-petitioner; or in the Alternative to Become a Party; or in the Alternative to Intervene; Certificate of Service.  On June 22, 2018 the LUC approved WDV’s Motion to Intervene.  The LUC has tentatively set a hearing date on WDV’s Motion to Approve Sale, Allow Subdivision, and Bifurcate for November 15, 2018 on Maui.

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