A19-807 Kamehameha Schools – 2019 Petition

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Comments on EISPN (01/21/2020)


07/30/2019: Frederick Aiona and Selah Levine on EISPN

08/20/2019: Dept. of Water Supply, County of Hawaiʻi on EISPN

08/21/2019: U.S. Dept. of Interior Fish and Wildlife on EISPN

08/22/2019: Hawaiʻi Floriculture and Nursery AssociationDLNR- OCCL on EISPN

08/27/2019: DAGS on EISPN

09/10/2019: DOT on EISPN

10/02/2019: Michael Stancliff (Forwarded by Hawaiʻi County) on EISPN

11/22/2019: DHHL on EISPN

12/12/2019: SHPD 6E Review Response on Petitioners AIS