SP92-380 Puunene Quarry

The Maui Planning Commission is considering a 2022 Application to Amend Permit Terms, Conditions, and Time Stipulations from Hawaiian Cement, lessee of TMK (2)3-8-004:001 (por.); Puʻunēnē, Maui, Hawaiʻi to expand the existing quarry area by a proposed 45.4 acres.  Approval of the Permit would extend the existing facility’s operational life expectancy by 14 years.  With this expansion, there would be an anticipated 30 years of quarrying remaining in Puʻunēnē .  Upon a favorable approval of this Application, the Maui Planning Commission would seek approval from the Land Use Commission to complete the permitting process.


Post-Decision ActionsLUC Notices and OrdersAgenda & MinutesAnnual Reports

(07/13/1992) Finding of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Decision and Order

(07/15/2005) Decision and Order Approving a Time Extension to a Special Use Permit

(11/25/1996) Motion to Amend (First Amendment to acreage- 60 additional acres)

(12/18/2006) Motion to Amend (Second Amendment to acreage- 66.4 additional acres)

(12/06/2014) Motion to Amend (3rd Amendment to acreage- 41.968 additional acres)


May 05, 2005: Agenda  |  Minutes

December 08, 2006: Agenda  |  Minutes 

November 20, 2014: Agenda  |  Minutes