SP15-407 SolarCity Corporation

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Kauai Planning Commission Memorialization Letter (12/09/15)

Exhibit A

Exhibit 1   Project Location Map

Exhibit 2   County Tax Map 3-8-02

Exhibit 3   Proposed Project Site Plan

Exhibit 4   Aerial Image Simulation #1

Exhibit 5   Example Photovoltaic Panel Racking

Exhibit 6   Example Batter Storage System

Exhibit 7   Photo Point Index Map

Exhibit 8   Photo Simulation:  Maalo Road View #1

Exhibit 8A Photo Simulation:  Maalo Road View #1 Zoomed

Exhibit 9   Photo Simulation:  Maalo Road View #2

Exhibit 9A Photo Simulation:  Maalo Road View #2 Zoomed

Exhibit 10  Existing Line of Site Photo, `Ehiku Road (restricted access area)

Exhibit 11  SolarCity Corporation Application; Exhibits “A” – “F” (Kapai`a Solar Project)

Exhibit 12  Planning Department General Class III and IV Requirements Checklist

Exhibit 13  Department of Planning Standard Zoning Permit Application (9/30/2015)

Exhibit 14  Notice of Public Hearing Notification Procedures

Exhibit 15  Publication Notice (10/3/2015)

Exhibit 16  Written Notice To Adjoining Landowners (10/6/2015)

Exhibit 17  Certified Mail Receipts

Exhibit 18  Affidavit As To Mailing of Notice; Exhibits “A” and “B”

Exhibit 19  Planning Director’s Report (10/12/2015)

Exhibit 20  Planning Commission Meeting Agenda (10/27/2015)

Exhibit 21  Resume of Reginald E. David

Exhibit 22  Resume of Dennis M. Esaki

Exhibit 23  Resume of Robert W. Rudd

Exhibit 24  Resume of Brad W. Rockwell

Exhibit 25  Resume of David Shideler

Exhibit 26  Resume of Daniel H. Valdez

Exhibit 27  Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Decision and Order; Exhibit “B” (Grove Farm Company, Inc.), IAL Petition Docket No. DR12-48

Exhibit 28  Flora and Fauna Survey (October 15, 2015)

Exhibit 29  Archaeological Inventory Surface Survey (September 2015)

Exhibit 30  Planning Department File (Use Permit, Class IV Zoning Permit, Special Permit)

Exhibit 1 through Exhibit 10 (pdf)

Exhibit 11, Exhibit List, Exhibit “A-1”, Exhibit “A-2” (pdf)

Exhibit “B-1, Exhibit “C-1” through Exhibit “C-10”, Exhibit “D-1” through Exhibit “D-10” (pdf)

Exhibit “E-1”, Exhibit “F-1” through Exhibit “F-3” (pdf) 

Exhibit “F-4”, Exhibit 12 through Exhibit 29 (pdf)

Exhibit B

Director’s Report and 6E Memorandum (pdf)

Exhibit C

Agency Comment (pdf)

Exhibit D

Kauai County Transcripts (pdf)

State of Hawaii Office of Planning (OP)

OP Comments (01/06/16)

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

OHA Comments (01/26/16)

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