County of Kauaʻi Special Permits

We are still in transition converting our old docket files to a digital format. If you don’t find a docket file you are looking for by following the links below, please contact our staff at 808-587-3822.


SP70-73 Tomoyoshi & May S. Fujii

SP 71-99 Eagle Development Corp (PDF)

Staff Report (PDF) – May 8, 1971


SP 76-236 Princeville Corp (PDF)

SP78-316 *Cancelled on May 29, 1981 by A80-474 Department of Planning and Economic Development


SP62-12 Cockett, Patrick & Cella (PDF) 04/28/1965

SP62-16 Lihue Plantation Co (PDF) 11/26/1962

SP62-23 William Sarmento (PDF) 12/12/1962

SP62-38 Hamamura, Robert and Shimayo (PDF) 01/30/1963

SP62-40 Bender, James (PDF) 10/21/1963

SP63-01 Wade, John Company (PDF) 12/02/1963

SP63-02 Lihue Plantation Company, Ltd (PDF) 12/02/1963

SP63-03 Lihue Plantation Company, Ltd (PDF) 12/02/1963

SP63-04 Kim, Clara (Denial) (PDF) 01/17/1964

SP63-05 Horner, James & Gladys (PDF) 02/28/1964

SP63-06 Lihue Plantation Company (PDF) 03/10/1964

SP63-43 Bettencourt, Albert & Helen (PDF) 01/31/1963

SP63-46 Yadao, Louisa (PDF) 11/13/1963

SP64-01 Kiyoshi & Frances Mizutani (PDF) 12/22/1964

SP64-03 Ann N. Kali

SP64-04 Tomita Sakai

SP65-01 Rodrigues, John S

SP65-02 Adams, J. & Lurie

SP66-30 McBryde Sugar Co., Ltd

SP67-47 Kauaʻi Helicopters

SP67-48 Kahili Mountain Park, Inc.

SP68-53 Kauaʻi Helicopters

SP68-55 Grove Farm Co., Inc

SP69-61 Antone & Julia Silva Orsatelli, Jr

SP69-70 Ah You and Masue Chow

SP69-71 Kuulei Wong