A19-809 Pulama Lānaʻi – Final Environmental Assessment (06/10/2020)


This 171 page file is the revised file for the Final Environmental Assessment 2020 (without appendices) filed on June 10, 2020 to replace the file below.

This 166 page file was replaced by the revised file above – this link is being kept active for record purposes only

Cover and Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Project Description

Chapter 3 – Environmental Assessment Alternatives

Chapter 4 – Environmental Setting, Impact & Mitigation

Chapter 5 – Laws, Regulations, Land Use Plans & Policies

Chapter 6 – Anticipated Determination, With Findings & Reasons Supporting

Chapter 7 – Agency & Public Participation

Chapter 8 – List of Preparers

Chapter 9 – References

Appendix Exhibits for the Miki Basin Industrial Park Final EA

Exhibit A – Archaeological Inventory Survey (AIS), Data Recovery Plan and Data Recovery Report (including Cultural Impact Analysis (CIA))

Revised Exhibit A (66 pages) (7/24/2020)

This Exhibit A was replaced by the exhibit above- this link is being kept active for record purposes only- (58 pages)

Part B

Exhibit B – Flora and Fauna Study Miki Basin 200 Acre Industrial Development

Exhibit C – Proposed Miki Basin Industrial Park: Impacts on Agriculture

Exhibit D – Miki Basin 200-Acre Industrial Drainage Study

Revised Exhibit E which updates Figures 2 and 3 on page 12 (6/10/2020)

This Exhibit E was replaced by the exhibit above and is being kept active for record keeping only

Exhibit F – Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Part A

Part B

Exhibit G – Traffic Impact Analysis Report

Exhibit H – Miki Basin – Wastewater Master Plan

Exhibit I – Miki Basin Water Master Plan

Exhibit J – Pre-assessment Scoping Comments and Responses

Exhibit K – Draft EA Comments and Responses