A06-766 Towne Development of Hawai`i, Inc. (Pu`unani)

Docket Background:

The Pu`unani Subdivision Project, proposed the development of approximately 147 residential lots,  a village mixed-use district consisting of 450 multi-family units and roughly 25,000 square feet of commercial retail/office space, and a 15-acre park/stormwater retention area.  The project site is approximately 208 acres, located makai of Wailuku Heights and adjacent to the Kehalani master-planned community.

Current Status:

Petition has not been accepted as a complete filing.  The Land Use Commission previously determined that an EIS was required for this project.  As a result of new information and plans, the Draft EIS was subsequently withdrawn from further review and a new EIS Preparation Notice (EISPN) was prepared as of November 25, 2013.  The EISPN is currently under public comment period.  No further information on progress as of December 2016.  *This docket was in the environmental assessment phase (EIS pending since 2013) and no further processing occurred.  Petitioner was contacted in January, 2017 to determine its status.  The Petitioner requested that the Petition be deactivated.


OEQC notification letter sent by LUC (1/31/17)

Withdrawal acknowledgement/cancellation LUC letter