A17-804 HAWAIIAN MEMORIAL – DEIS Public Comments to LUC

The following public comments were received by the LUC either via email or regular mail.  Commenters should be clear that any comments should be provided to the DEIS preparer (Helber, Hastert, and Fee) in order to be reviewed and included in the final EIS.  The LUC does not forward on comments we receive as the instructions for comments indicate that they should go to the preparer with a copy sent to the accepting authority (the LUC).

Spectrum Hawai`i dated September 10, 2018 (via email)

City & County Dept. of Parks and Recreation dated September 19, 2018

Pat and Diana Lee dated September 20, 2018 (via email)

State Dept. of Accounting & General Services (DAGS) dated September 25, 2018

City & County Police Department (HPD) dated September 28, 2018

Mike Deegan dated October 10, 2018 (via email)

Lisa Cabanting dated October 10, 2018 (via email)

Jesse Reavis dated October 15, 2018

Paul Zeisel dated October 16, 2018 (via email)

Harvey Franz dated October 17, 2018