Protocol for LUC Meeting Participation during the COVID 19 Pandemic using virtual conference technology

Considering the evolving COVID-19 situation, protecting the health and welfare of the community is of utmost concern.  As such, LUC meeting are currently being held remotely, with Commission members, Staff and Applicants participating via online meeting venue.  The public can view and listen to the live meeting by registering at the link above and you will be sent a meeting Zoom webinar meeting link.


Interested persons can submit written testimony no later than 24-hours  in advance of the meeting, written testimony will be distributed to Commission members prior to the meeting. To submit written testimony please email your testimony to: [email protected].   To provide oral testimony at the hearing you are required to register for the Zoom webinar using the link information in the meeting agenda.


Note: If your request is to participate during the meeting to offer public testimony; the registration will ask for your full name, your email, and the Agenda Item number.  A registration email will be sent to you with the meeting link

Protocol for Testifying before the LUC: Interested persons can submit written testimony in advance of each meeting that will be distributed to Commissioners/Board Members prior to the meeting. Written testimony must be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting to ensure time for Commissioners to review it. Submit written testimony to: [email protected].  Written testimony will be acknowledged at the meeting.

To provide live oral/video testimony during the online meeting, you must register in advance for the Zoom webinar meeting, with your name, email address, and the agenda item you would like to testify on during the meeting.

To register use the  URL links noted in the agenda.

If you are not familiar with using ZOOM conference technology, please consider using the URL link below to access the ZOOM support “Getting Started” information provided online.  There are also several instructional videos on YOUTUBE that you may find useful.

Once your request has been received, you will receive a Zoom link via which to attend the meeting. You will need a computer with internet access, video camera and microphone to participate. If you require access by phone only, please indicate that in your email request. Public testimony will be taken when each agenda item is discussed.

Testifiers will be called on by the Chair to offer testimony. The Chair will call your name and enable you to join the on-screen panel. The Chair will unmute your microphone and turn on your video. When it is your turn to speak, you will be given full access to the meeting to provide your testimony.

When testifying, please state your first and last name for the record. If you are testifying on behalf of an organization, please include the name of the organization as well. Testimony will be limited to a maximum of three (3) minutes. You will be given notice when 30 seconds remain. If you continue to testify beyond your allotted time, the Chair will kindly ask you to complete your testimony. If you have submitted written testimony and have also signed up to deliver it orally, the Chair will ask you to kindly summarize your points. When you have finished testifying, please wait to see if the parties or Commissioners may have follow-up questions. If not, the Chair will return you to the audience side of the Zoom meeting.  Staff will be monitoring people joining the Board meeting by video and will do their best to take each person in an orderly fashion. Please be patient as we continue to navigate this new platform.