2023 Proposed Admin Rules

Administrative rulemaking is one facet of the administrative process that has been defined as the complex of methods by which agencies carry out their tasks.

Land Use Commission Staff completed the first draft of the proposed rule amendments, and is hosting a public hearing on 11/14/2023, for the Commission to discuss the proposed amendments and suggest edits accordingly. Public input will be taken into consideration.

For more information on process feel free to check out the State of Hawaiʻi Legislative Reference Bureau (“LRB”) Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules Drafting Manual, 3rd Edition-2016


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First Draft of Admin. Rules Ramseyer Format (11/07/2023)

First Draft of Admin. Rules Spreadsheet Analysis Format (11/07/2023)


October 4, 2023:  Agenda | Minutes | YouTube

November 15, 2023:  Agenda | Minutes | YouTube

March 7, 2024:   Agenda | Minutes | YouTube

09/29/2023: (1) Ken Church

02/06/2024: (1) Calvert G. Chipchase for Cades Schutte

03/04/2024: (1) Travis Hishinuma