LINKS For Finding Information About Property

The following resources are available when seeking information about specific property in the State of Hawai`i.  In some cases you will need to know the tax map key (TMK) numbers associated with land parcels; while in others you will be able to use on-line map tools to guide you to the areas of most interest.  We will add to the list as resources become available.


Land Study Bureau (LSB) Classification Finder

Hosted by the State Office of Planning.  Allows you to identify the LSB rating of State Agricultural District lands.  This is often important in determining whether State Special Permits might be required for certain activities within State Agricultural District lands.

State Land Use District Classification Finder

Hosted by the State Office of Planning.  Allows you to identify the State Land Use District classification of property and whether portions of that property are within the State Conservation, Agricultural, Rural, or Urban Districts.

OEQC Viewer

Hosted by the State Department of Health, Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC).  Allows you to search for and identify properties and areas where environmental compliance and review documents, like Environmental Assessments (EA) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) have been completed.

Public Land Trust Information System (PLTIS)

Hosted by the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), a centralized web-based inventory of State-owned and County-owned lands, including encumbrances issued over these lands.  The PLTIS also includes a Geographic Information System (GIS) interface which allows users to geographically view maps of the parcel and encumbrance data.  New users to the PLTIS need to sign up and register at


City & County of Honolulu Parcels and Zoning Information

Hosted by the City & County of Honolulu, Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP).  Allows you to search for parcel specific information including zoning, building permit activity, flood zone, school district, voting and census area.

Hawai`i County Planning – TMK Maps

Hosted by Hawai`i County.  Allows you to search and identify tax map key (TMK) parcels as image files.

Maui County Geographic Information System (GIS) Viewer

Hosted by Maui County.  Allows you to search for parcel data, community plan boundaries, Special Management Area (SMA) boundaries, and other useful information.  Make sure to hit the Submit Query button at top of screen to get the map to come up.

Kaua`i County Online Tax Map Key Parcel Information

Hosted by the County of Kaua`i.  Allows you to search for parcel data and property tax information.

Kaua`i General Plan Update

Information and drafts of the General Plan update process