Declaratory Orders – General

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DR74-1 Life of the Land

Adoption of Amendment to Rules (PDF) dated 01/12/1975

Letter to Edward Brown (PDF) 03/20/1975

DR74-2 City & County of Honolulu, Department of General Planning

Letter to Eddie Tangen (PDF) dated 04/03/1975

Letter to Roberty Wray (PDF) dated 04/25/1975

DR75-3 Deland Perry and Jenny Parijs (PDF)

DR75-4 Deland Perry and Jenny Parijs (PDF) related to SP75-202 Shield Pacific

DR76-5 Life of the Land (PDF) related to A76-413


Joseph Park filed 01/02/1963

Meeting Minutes (PDF) 10/01/1965

Letter to Joseph Park (PDF) 10/11/1965

Maui County Planning (Episcopal Church) filed 11/12/1963 – No further action documented

Stanley Sabihon filed 11/19/1963 – No further action documented

Theo H. Davies and Company, Ltd. filed 07/24/1964 – No further action documented

United Church of Christ filed 03/17/65 – No further action documented

David C. McClung (Wiliwili Nui Ridge) (PDF)  filed 11/18/1965

Dept. of Land and Natural Resources (Lou Huntley) filed 01/11/1966

Letter to Frank Skrivanek (PDF) 02/28/1966

Letter to Jim Ferry (PDF) 03/02/1966

Roy Jacobsen filed 05/02/1966

Meeting Minutes (PDF) 12/16/1966

Declaratory Ruling (PDF)

Concrete Industries filed 06/07/1966

Meeting Minutes (PDF) 06/17/1966

Letter to RL Muller (PDF) 06/24/1966

Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate (He`eia Fishpond) filed 10/20/1966

Meeting Minutes (PDF) 10/01/1966

Letter to Shay Auerbach (PDF) 11/02/1966

Circuit Court Order Denying Motion for Summary Judgement (PDF) 07/10/1969

Marvin Boudreau (PDF) filed 05/12/1970

Mrs. Alfreda Worst (PDF) filed 10/07/1970

John T. Waterhouse filed 12/07/1970

Meeting Minutes (PDF) 09/17/71 see pages 4-6; re:  Docket No. A71-286