A11-791 HG Kaua`i Joint Venture LLC (fka Kapa`a Highlands Phase II)


On November 4, 2011, Three Stooges LLC filed a petition to reclassify approximately 97 acres of land from the State Agricultural District to the State Urban District in Kapa`a, island of Kaua`i.  The project was identified as Kapa`a Highlands Phase II.  The Petition was deemed incomplete for processing at that time and Petitioner was directed to comply with Chapter 343, Hawai`i Revised Statutes (HRS).


By motion filed on October 29, 2014, HG Kaua`i Joint Venture, LLC requested:  recognition by the Land Use Commission of successor petitioner – HG Kaua`i Joint Venture, LLC to continue with the Petition; for the LUC to agree to be the accepting authority for Chapter 343, HRS, compliance; the LUC’s authorization to go direct to preparing an EIS preparation notice (EISPN); and, asking for a hearing on the matter.  The LUC held a hearing on December 11, 2014 where it approved the applicant’s motion and directed that they proceed to filing an EISPN with the State Department of Health – Office of Environmental Quality Control (DOH-OEQC).  Petitioner filed a Draft EIS (DEIS) for public review and comment until June 22, 2015.  On March 19, 2018, Petitioner filed a “draft” Final EIS (FEIS) for review by the public, government agencies, and the Commission.  On March 28, 2018, Petitioner filed a Notice of Withdrawal of Draft Final Environmental Impact Statement; COS.  The Petitioner filed a 2nd Draft EIS on October 18, 2018 that was published in the OEQC Environmental Bulletin on November 8, 2018; the new 45-day comment period will end on December 24, 2018.

On November 22, 2019, the Petitioner filed a Final EIS with the Commission and it will be published in the OEQC Environmental Bulletin on November 23, 2019.

The Commission had a hearing on December 17, 2019 on Petitioner’s Final EIS.  The Commission accepted the Final EIS as adequate on December 17, 2019 on Kaua`i.

The Petitioner will be required to update and resubmit their Petition for LUC to review and deem complete for processing.  Currently the Petition is not deemed a complete filing and will not be scheduled for further hearings until that time.

Please keep checking this space and the LUC Calendar for further information.

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August 2020 – A11-791 HG Kauai Joint Venture, LLC – Amended Petition For Land Use District Boundary Amendment

Petitioner Filings

Final EIS (filed November 22, 2019)

2nd Draft EIS (filed October 18, 2018)

Notice of Withdrawal of Draft Final Environmental Impact Statement (filed March 28, 2018)

draft Final EIS (filed March 19, 2018) * A preliminary review by LUC staff identified several issues with the filing and the Petitioner voluntarily elected to withdraw the document, make corrections, do additional work, and resubmit in the future.

OEQC publication form (filed 4-27-15)

OEQC publication correspondence (filed 4-27-15)


EIS Volume I (filed 4-27-15)

EIS Volume II (filed 4-27-15)

Section I

Section II

Section III

Section IV

Section V  Comments & Responses to EISPN

A11-791 Motion to Substitute Petitioner, Designate the Land Use Commission as Approving Agency for Environmental Impact Statement, and Appearance of Counsel for Petitioner; Memorandum In Support of Motion; Affidavit of Theresa M. Roche; Exhibit A, COS

Petitioner’s Environmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice (EISPN) filed December 2014 (423 pages in sections)

Petitioner Discussion with DOT (Ray McCormick) on Planned Projects filed April 17, 2015 by e-mail

Petitioner Public Statements of Support on HoKua Place filed April 17, 2015 by e-mail

Office of Planning Filings


County of Kaua`i Filings


Intervenor Filings


Post Withdrawal of draft FEIS Comments



Notices & Orders