A92-683 Halekua – Successor Petitioner’s Motion to Amend Exhibits



EXHIBIT 1  Petition Maps

EXHIBIT 2A  State Land Use District Map

EXHIBIT 2B  County Zoning Map

EXHIBIT 2C  County Central O`ahu SCP Map

EXHIBIT 2D  County Zoning Master Use Table

EXHIBIT 3  1996 LUC Decision and Order

EXHIBIT 4  Royal Kunia Phase II, Increment 3 DP Amendment and FEA dated May 1996 (as filed)

EXHIBIT 4 (Errata)

FEA complete document in Dept. of Health – OEQC Library

EXHIBIT 5  Memorandum of Option Agreement ( Forest City and Robinson Trust)

EXHIBIT 6  Ho`ohana Solar 1, LLC information

EXHIBIT 7  Landowner Consent to file Motion to Amend

EXHIBIT 8  Ho`ohana Solar Project Impact on Residential PV

EXHIBIT 9  PV Electrical Site Plan

EXHIBIT 10  Photo of PV Panels

EXHIBIT 11  PV Construction Plan Details

EXHIBIT 12  Draft Archaeological Inventory Survey (AIS) dated June 2014

EXHIBIT 13A  Support Letter from Senator Mike Gabbard

EXHIBIT 13B  Support Letter from Blue Planet Foundation

EXHIBIT 13C  Support Letter from Royal Kunia Country Club


EXHIBIT 14  Viewplane Photos

EXHIBIT 15  Title Reports

EXHIBIT 16  Letter from Steven S.C. Lim to State Land Use Commission dated July 31, 2014