A19-808 C&C Honolulu – Honouliuli


The City and County of Honolulu, Department of Environmental Services petitioned to Amend the State Land Use District Boundary of approximately 27.797 acres of land at ‘Ewa, Island of O‘ahu, Hawai‘i from the State Land Use Agricultural District to the State Urban District for the construction of secondary treatment and support facilities necessary to comply with secondary treatment standards for all wastewater discharges from the Honouliuli Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The entire HWWTP site, including the Petition Area is approximately 99.730 acres. Of this acreage, approximately 71.933 acres of land are in the State Land Use Urban District and 27.797 acres are in existing Agricultural District. Approximately 23.300 acre portion of TMK: 9-1-069:003 was reclassified to the State Land Use Urban District pursuant to LUC Docket No. A88-627/ Gentry Development Company. Petitioner filed a motion to amend the Finding of Facts, Conclusion of Law, and Decision and Order issued in the Docket A88-627 to bifurcate the urbanized portion of TMK: 9-1-069: 003 from Docket A88-627.


Petition currently under review for completeness.


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District Boundary Amendment for “City and County of Honolulu, Department of Environmental Services” Project “Honouliuli Waste Water Treatment Plant” (HWWTP) filed November 6, 2019

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Petition for District Boundary Amendment

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Notice of Appearance of Counsel filed 11/18/2019

PAUL S. AOKI, Brad T. Saito, and Molly A. Stebbins

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LUC letter re: Document receipt (12/2/19)

LUC letter RE: Docket No. A19-808 to City and County of Honolulu, Department of Environmental Services (12/12/19)

SHPD review of Chapter 6E-8 Historic Preservation Review -Docket No. A19-807/Trustees of the Estate of Bernice Pauahi Bishop dba. Kamehameha Schools (12/30/21)

Request for Determination on a Petition for a Land Use Boundary Amendment -Kauaea Ahupua‘a, Puna District, Island of Hawai‘i- TMK: (3) 1-3-009:005 (por.)

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