A17-802 County of Kauaʻi Housing Agency Lima Ola-201H


On December 7, 2016, the Commission received Petitioner’s Notice of Intent to File a District Boundary Amendment Petition to Amend the Agricultural Land Use District Boundaries into the Urban Land Use District for Certain Lands Situated at `Ele` ele, Kaua`i, Hawai`i, consisting of approximately 75 acres.  Tax Map Key (4) 2-1-001:054

Petitioner (County of Kaua`i Housing Agency) Filings

County of Kauai Housing Agency (4/13/17):

Office of Planning Filings

County of Kaua`i Filings

Intervenor Filings (Jean Nishida-Souza)

Petition to Intervene (12/22/16)

Souza Response to OP and Kaua`i County on Intervention (1/19/2017)

Public Comments

Department of Health Correspondence re: Lima Ola Project (1/13/17- rcvd via email)

Land Use Commission

Decisions and Orders

Order Accepting Oral Stipulation to Admit Jean Nishida-Souza as an Intervenor in the District Boundary Amendment Proceeding; COS (1/24/17)

Declaratory Ruling for Lima Ola – 201H Project (DR16-58 County of Kaua`i Housing Agency (1/)


Pre-hearing Meeting Notice (for January 19, 2017) sent to Parties (1/5/17)

Notice of Agenda Letters

January 18-19, 2017 Agenda Meeting Notice (1/10/17)

Amended January 18-19, 2017 Agenda Meeting Notice (1/11/17)