DR21-72 Church-Hildal Petition for Declaratory Order

DR21-72 Church-Hildal Petition for Declaratory Order

The Church-Hildal Petition for Declaratory Order was received by the Commission on June 17, 2021 and will be heard on September 8, 2021.


Petitioner’s Filings


Exhibit 1                      State of Hawaii Land Use Districts and Regulations Review excerpts

Exhibit 2                      Property Locator and Island Quadrangle Map

Exhibit 3                      1974 State Land Use District Boundaries Map H-65, Papaikou Quadrangle

Exhibit 4                      1975 State Land Use District Boundaries Map H-59, Papaaloa Quadrangle

Exhibit 5                      State Office Of Planning’s exhibit 10 , Proposed and Final Panel Maps To McCully Petition A09 783

Exhibit 6                      2015 County of Hawaii Signed Subdivision Map for an Area Which Includes The Property

Exhibit 7                      Metes and Bounds Description for an area including The Property

Exhibit 8                      1953 Aerial Photograph of Field Areas Inluding the Property

Exhibit 9                      Undated Field Map F-31B

Exhibit 10                    September 16, 2015 Former Field Manager John Cross Letter

Exhibit 11                     County Letter and Property Map

Exhibit 12                    Field and Lot Area Description

Exhibit 13                    1905 Field Map

Exhibit 14                    TMK Map of The Property

Exhibit 15                    1920’s Picture Showing The Steep Oceanside Cliff of The Property as seen from Kolekole Train Trestle

Exhibit 16                    Photographs Showing Wave Washed Boulder Fields Below the Top of The Coastal Pali below the Property

Exhibit 17                    SMA Letter From The County

Exhibit 18                    Map, Report page 41

Exhibit 19                    Aerial picture of the Property – early 2019

Petitioner’s Opening Statement for September 8, 2021 LUC meeting (9/7/2021)

OPSD Filings:

OPSD Position Statement, COS , Exhibits 1-4(09/01/21)

Exhibit 1               Map

Exhibit 2               McCully

Exhibit 3               Stengle

Exhibit 4               Boundary Interpretation