SP87-364 Kahili Adventist School

SP87-364 Kahili Adventist School


Owner’s Status Report and Site Schematic Map filed December 10, 2014

Decision & Order (pdf) dated August 13, 1987

Order Requiring the Filing of Status Reports (pdf) dated August 28, 2008

Decision & Order Approving Amendment (pdf) dated April 26, 2010

Notice of Ownership Change (pdf) dated August 12, 2014


Annual Reports:

2014 (pdf):  SP87-364 Knudsen Trust Status Report

2013 (pdf):  SP87-364 2013 Status Report

2012 (pdf): SP87-364 Kahili Adventis School 2012 Status Report_20120427111412

2011 (pdf):  SP87-364 2011 Annual Report

2011 supplement (pdf):  SP87-364 Kahili Adventist Supplement to 2011 Report

Additional References:

SP67-48 Kahili Mountain Park Inc. (pdf)

SP75-214 Kahili Mountain Park Inc. (pdf)