SP92-380 Puunene Quarry

Decision and Order dated ?????

Amended Decision and Order (pdf) dated December 3, 2014



County of Maui Planning Dept. Letter of Transmittal re: Amendment to LUC SP92-380


• Applicant’s request letter (Exhibit 1)

• Department Report and Recommendation to the Commission, dated May 27, 2014 (Exhibit 2)

• Commission draft minutes of May 27, 2014 meeting (final to be transmitted) (Exhibit 3)

• Department’s approval letter, dated June 18, 2014 (Exhibit 4)

• Applicant’s presentation to Commission, dated May 27, 2014 (Exhibit 5)


Copy of letter to Petitioner’s Planner from Maui Planning Dept. re: Amendment to LUC SP92-380 and Amendment to County SUP for the Hawaiian Cement Puunene Rock Quarry, Pulehunui, Kahului, Island of Maui

LUC letter to Maui County Planning re:Proposed Amendment to LUC SP92-380


Annual Reports

2015 –Certificate of Insurance and SHPD Letter Approving Archaeological Assessment


2013 (8th Annual Report)