SP90-374 Richard Smart Trust dba Parker Ranch


The Richard Smart Trust dba Parker Ranch submitted a request for a State Special Permit to conduct quarrying operations on a 91.827 acre parcel in Waikoloa, South Kohala, island of Hawaiʻi, in 1989.  That request was granted in March 1990, subject to 11 conditions of approval.  Applicant requested, in November 1999, an expansion of the quarrying operation to 143.48 acres and amendment to conditions 3, 7, 10, and 11 of the original approval Decision and Order.  That request was granted in May 2000.


The current applicant, PR Mauna Kea, LLC, has requested an amendment to Condition 7 (Life of Special Permit) of the May 2000 Decision and Order.  The Hawaiʻi County Leeward Planning Commission (PC) has held a hearing on the matter on June 21, 2018.  The Leeward PC approved the request to amend Condition 7 to extend the quarry operations until 2037 and deletion of two other conditions.  The State Land Use Commission (LUC) received notification of the Leeward PC’s action on July 11, 2018 (see below).  A hearing will be scheduled on the matter once the LUC receives a copy of the full record of the Leeward PC’s action.  The LUC will then have 45 days in which to hold its hearing and render a decision.

Decisions & Orders

Decision and Order dated March 16, 1990

Amended Decision and Order dated May 9, 2000

*Richard Smart Trust, dba Parker Rancy- succeeded by WHC, Ltd., succeeded by PR Mauna Kea LLC (2/21/17)


Annual Reports

2008-2016 (2/22/17)

County Comments (4/6/17)

2017 filed April 11, 2017


2018 Request for Amendment

Applicant PR Mauna Kea, LLC


County Planning Response Letter to PR Mauna Kea LLC dated September 8, 2017

Leeward Planning Commission Approval Letter and Findings dated July 10, 2018

State Office of Planning

OP Correspondence to Hawai`i County re Life of Permit(5/10/18)