DR12-48 Grove Farm Company, Incorporated

DR12-48 Grove Farm Company, Incorporated – Petition for Declaratory Order to Designate Important Agricultural Lands for approximately 11,026.2 acres at Ha`upu and Lihu`e, Kaua`i, Hawai`i, Exhibits “A”-“F” (pdf):  Petition and Exh A,Exh BExh. C, Exh D-E-F

DR12-48 Correspondence and revised Exhibit D-2 (pdf):  Letter with Revised Exhibt D-2 filed 01 09 13

DR12-48 Petitioner’s Response to Comment Letters filed with LUC (pdf): Petitioner’s Response to Written Comments filed 02 01 13

DR12-48 Kauai County Comment Letter (pdf):  DR12-48 IAL Designation CoKPDComments

DR12-48 State Office of Planning Comment Letter (pdf): DR12-48 OP comments filed 1-17-13

DR12-48 State Department of Agriculture Comment Letter (pdf):  DR12-48 DOA comments

Hearing Map No. 1

Hearing Map No. 2

DR12-48 LUC Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Decision and Order February 25, 2013 (pdf):  DR12-48 GROVE FARM COMPANY INC FOF COL D&O