A87-610 Tom Gentry and Gentry Pacific Ltd.

Decisions and Orders

Decision & Order dated May 17, 1988 (pdf)

Order Granting Motion to Amend Condition No. 6 (pdf) dated November 30, 1990

 Order Granting Motion for Order Amending FOF COL D&O dtd 5/17/1998  dated November 26, 2014

2014 Motion Files for Successor Petitioner Kamehameha Schools (from Gentry Waiawa Ridge) for interim us for solar farm


Annual Reports:

2016 (pdf)

2015 (pdf)

2014-Motion for Order Amending Order issued by Commission in December 2014

2013 (pdf)

2012 (pdf)

2011 (pdf)

2010 (pdf)

2009 (pdf)