A92-683 Halekua Development Corporation (Royal Kunia)

Decisions and Orders

Order Granting Motion to Reopen Hearings (pdf) dated July 23, 1993

Order Re:  Submission of Exhibits and Identification of Witnesses (pdf) dated July 26, 1993

Decision & Order dated December 09, 1993 (pdf)

Order Granting Correction to Metes and Bounds Description (pdf) dated September 6, 1995

Order Granting Motion to Change Ownership (pdf) dated September 19, 1995

Amended Decision & Order dated October 01, 1996 (pdf)

Order to Show Cause

Order Granting OP’s Motion for Order to Show Cause (pdf) dated February 26, 2003

Order to Show Cause (pdf) dated February 26, 2003

Order Granting OP’s Motion to Exempt HRT from OSC (pdf) dated February 23, 2004

Order Granting Halekua’s Motion to Dismiss Order to Show Cause (pdf) dated March 16, 2007

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Order Regarding Sale of Property Free and Clear of Liens dated October 2, 2006

Order Granting Timely Motion to Intervene (pdf) dated March 16, 2007

Order Granting Halekua’s Motion for Transfer of Ownership (pdf) dated March 17, 2007

1st Amendment to Amended Decision & Order (pdf) dated October 7, 2013

Order Granting Successor Petitioner – Ho`ohana Solar’s Motion to Amend the 2013 Amended Decision & Order (pdf) dated January 28, 2015


2014 Motion to Amend & Motion to Bifurcate the Amended Decision & Order

October 2017- Notice of Ownership Change from:  

CANPARTNERS IV ROYAL KUNIA PROPERTY LLC, 2000 Avenue of the Stars, 11th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067 to

RP2 Ventures, LLC, 2024 No. King St., Ste 200, Honolulu, HI 96819

DOA Fourth Amendment to Amendment and Restatement of Memorandum of Understanding between RP2 Ventures LLC (RP2) and the Department of Agriculture (DOA)– 5/18/2020

2020 Ownership Notifications

HRT Realty Notice of Ownership Change ( 8/14/2020)

RP2 Ventures, LLC pending sale to Haseko Royal Kunia LLC (8/14/2020)

2020 Motions for A92-683 Halekua Development

8/17/2020- Successor Petitioner (as to Parcel 52) Ho`ohana Solar I, LLC’s Motion for Modification and Time Extension, Memorandum in Support of Motion; Verification, Affidavit of Jennifer A. Lim, Exhibits 1-15, COS

Annual Reports

Annual Report dated December 4, 1996

Annual Report dated April 17, 1998

**LUC Letter of Delinquency dated August 4, 1999

Annual Report dated August 26, 1999

Supplement dated September 27, 1999

Annual Report dated May 26, 2000

LUC Comments dated June 27, 2000

Halekua Response to LUC Comments dated July 12, 2000

Dept. of Health Comments dated August 23, 2000

Annual Report dated June 28, 2001

Annual Report dated April 30, 2007

Annual Report dated January 15, 2014

Annual Report dated December 17, 2015

Annual Report dated December 15, 2016

Annual Report dated December 31, 2018

Annual Report (thru 2020) 7/14/2020

LUC Status Report 5-24-18

RP2 testimony material 5/24/18

OP & DOA’s presentation material 5/24/18


Copy of letter to Petitioner from Department of Agriculture (7/26/17)

Copy of letter from Department of Agriculture to LUC requesting a status update from Petitioner (4/9/18)

Copy of letter to Petitioner from DOA re: Status Conference request (4/9/18)

LUC letter to Petition advising of May 24, 2018 Status conference (4/9/2018)

HRT Realty Notice of Ownership Change ( 8/14/2020)

RP2 Ventures, LLC pending sale to Haseko Royal Kunia LLC (8/14/2020)

Other Documents

 Associated Files in 2013 Motion to Amend the Amended Findings of Fact, Conclusion of Law, and Decision and Order (pdf) filed October 1, 1996

Status Report on the Applicant’s Compliance with Conditions of Amended Decision & Order dated January 15, 2014

Declaration of First Amendment to the Amended FOF, COL, D&O filed on October 7, 2013, Exhibit “A”

Correspondence requesting Interpretation by Executive Officer rcvd 7/31/14